Hello there, and welcome to A Teeny Spoon of Sugar! I was actually fervently praying for Just A Spoonful of Sugar to be free, but alas it was not to be. And I can’t seem to think of a more apt title for this blog of mine. Blame it on my lack of wit. And brains. Thus the adaptation.

I live in a country where people live to eat, yet miraculously manage to remain oh-so-shapely and attractive. How do they do that? That’s Singapore for you. Sadly I’m not the average Singaporean, and my love of food is a serious threat to my waistline. What’s worst as a University student, it’s hard to live healthily what with all the junk food we usually chow down. Here at A Teeny Spoon of Sugar, I want to share with you the wonderful gastronomic heaven that is Singapore, together with ideas and inspiration on how to eat what you love, yet do it in a healthier way! That means easy and healthy recipes, and reviews on various eateries in Singapore. But first, a few things about me:

1. Desserts are my undoing, my Achilles heel. When I binge (and I’m desperately trying to stop so) it’s always on sweets.
2. I don’t like fried food, so I guess that’s definitely a hidden advantage for weight loss!
3. Running and I share a love-hate relationship. I want the benefits it brings, but the process is like a marathon through Hell. Whoever said the journey is better than the result is a total liar.

Stay tuned!

Do leave a comment or drop me an email at shiwuriji@gmail.com if you have any queries! And please do credit any photos taken from this site. I’d really appreciate that.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. ohnomnomnom says:

    hey teeny spoon of sugar, good luck for your upcoming As:)

  2. Hi-I see that you’ve included my blog on your list. Thank you so much! That really means a lot to me- I wish you continued success and happy eating- Gail

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