A Series of Unfortunate Events

1. Phone theft
2. Locked out of apartment

2’s hardly a series; but when it occurs in a succession of 2 days, and our very first days in a Paris, yes it definitely seemed like it.

Premiere jour: vol de téléphone
So we were at Amorino’s, all bubbly with excitement to try their amazing glacés. Our happy pig-out session was suddenly interrupted by this shriek. “OMG WHERE’S MY PHONE?!” We searched high and low, rummaging through everyone’s bags and jackets, but we found nothing.

Then someone recalled an odd event some 10 minutes ago.

When I was out ordering, a few boys ran past our table, suddenly smacking their hands on our table for no reason. They then quickly retracted their hands and ran away. My friends were caught by surprise, and thought they were tryna sell something, so they didn’t really take it to heart.

Apparently those were the theives. There goes the SIM card we just bought.

Deuxieme jour: on s’étaient enfermés dehors a notre apartement
This sucked big time. We were locked out for a total of 4 hours, the 7 of us squeezed into that tiny stairway, struggling to get in. Thing about the apartment stairway is that the lights stay on for about 2 minutes before turning off automatically. That was a real bummer, and we ended up pressing onto the switch, on a rotational basis, for that 4 hours to prevent ourself from being plunged into utter darkness.

Thank God for 24hour locksmiths. At the stroke of midnight we decided it couldn’t wait anymore, and we called for them. Literally begged them for help with that half-past-French of ours. Within half an hour he arrived, and – now this is the real interesting part – opened the door in less than half a minute. How? Put the key in. Turn it. Push the door.

Until now none of us understand why we couldn’t get the door open. It’s definitely not only us cause our neighbour gave a go at it and it remained shut. We failed the next few days too and decided to shove a pamphlet between the door latch and the catch to make it easier to open. We never figured out that door’s sweet spot.

As unfortunate as those were, I guess this proves how this France trip is really going to be full of surprises and new experiences.

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