France 2013 – This time on my own

 photo 402334_10150649183049698_612637821_n_zpsb6228ef0.jpg

The view from when I exited the Versailles. Simply breathtaking.

It’s been two years since my first visit to Paris; and I realised I still haven’t blogged about it. Nor Spain, or Us, or Japan. None of them.

But this time I refuse to let it come second to all my food posts cause you know what, it’s my first trip out, on my own. For a month. Yeah you heard me right a whole friggin month. No way am I going to let this awesome experience pass without jotting it down some way! And where better to do that than here?

 photo 394724_10150649042304698_1845558559_n_zpsb427f65d.jpg

Of course yall know what this is.

 photo 393677_10150649051189698_1679157688_n_zps6693594d.jpg

The Louvre Museum.

 photo 409114_10150649048089698_685865426_n_zps64b703ec.jpg

View from inside the Louvre.

I’m leaving tonight. And I’m determined not to let a moment slip past my fingers. An entire 30-days of memories to be recorded here. It’s all so frighteningly exciting ain’t it? Ooooh an oxymoron. My parents have been telling me how hard it is going to be to lug my 20-odd kilo luggage and another huge ass handcarry bag around Paris. But I wanted to tell them so badly that that’s actually the easy part. The really difficult part was the journey leading to tonight. Although I travel sorta frequently, it’s always been in a scheduled tour group, so everything had always been settled by the tour agency. The itineraries, food, time, lodging – everything. Finances-wise my dad’s got it all covered. I never had to worry about anything.

 photo 408034_10150649263519698_1159499252_n_zps5a1cdcc4.jpg

It’s so cute the way these trees outside the Notre Dame were cut!

 photo 383886_10150649270934698_348969503_n_zps84ed10ee.jpg

Pierre Herme macarons.

This time I had to take care of everything. Every nitty gritty detail. From Google-Mapping our travel routes, sorting out accommodation, buying train tickets, incorporating food trips into our itinerary, to finding toilets (apparently toilets elude you in Paris). Once my dad asked me “Why are you always staring at your computer? You’ve been glued there for the whole afternoon.” I’m sorry dear daddy I kinda need all my attention and more time to sift through 30 tabs of TripAdvisor? So the past month or so have been a mad rush of packing, organising, and card making. Ohmygosh the number of cards I’ve made in the past 2 weeks is simply astounding. I swear I’ve made more than a dozen of them.

 photo IMG_20130617_114141_zps80f17a1a.jpg

Some cards I made!

 photo IMG_20130615_014713_1_zpsbe51d265.jpg

Now that all that’s been sorted through, I’m all set for France! Or so I think. But that’s what last-minute packing is for ain’t it? Now I hope I’ve gotten this right: Au revoir Singapour, tu me manque!

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