First ever cooking event: Tefal Chef Challenge!

After my half-a-year hiatus from blogging thanks to busy busy semester, I’M FINALLY BACK. With a major announcement.

*Drum rolls*

Ok the title kinda says it all.

I received an email a month or so back, from asking for food bloggers to participate in this Tefal Chef Challenge thing. What we were expected to do, was to attend a cooking workshop, then come up with a recipe of our own, cook it with the 2 Tefal pans we’ll be receiving, then write a post about it and get people to vote for us! The pans we’re supposed to use and kinda review are from Tefal’s Comfort Touch pans series; specifically the Comfort Touch Sauté-pan and Comfort Touch Frypan. What happens if we win is we’d receive this Tefal Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker worth S$129 (beats me why it’s called fuzzy logic), and a lucky voter would win a Tefal Blendforce Triplax Blender & Chopper worth S$79.90.

 photo product1_zps858eeed3.jpg

Other than the pretty cool free pans I would be receiving – for free I must add – I was thinking that this seems like a pretty cool thing to take part in! Besides I’d be able to meet some local food bloggers. So why not? Look out for updates on my progress on this challenge at!

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