Victor’s Kitchen

It’s taken me 4 visits to decide that I’m finally ready do write a review on Victor’s Kitchen. Dim sum and custard bun lovers will definitely have heard of VK, raved to have the best custard buns in Singapore. So it’s after this morning’s dim sum brunch, when I finally tried VK’s custard buns, that I decided I’m ready to write a proper review.


Chicken and Sausage in Glutinous Rice ($4+)

VK’s glutinous rice is the kind that I like: soft on the inside, but with a crisp and slightly charred exterior that provides a wonderful textural contrast and prevents it from being jelak and mushy.


Century Egg and Lean Pork Porridge

Their porridge is a slightly watery version of the porridge we had at Royal China. Simple and light on the palate.


Scallop, Sausage Carrot Cake with XO Sauce($4+)

I’ve loved VK’s carrot cake since I first tried it. Unlike the usual fried ones, steaming the carrot cake – and in a saucer too – is unique, innovative and utterly delicious. VK is rather generous with their use of scallops and I get shreds of it in every mouthful. The light soy sauce complements the delicate carrot cake. My friends said that their XO sauce is to die for, and would order additional sauce at a price of $0.50 per saucer. I like mine simple (:


Queen Size Siew Mai ($3.50+) at the front and King Prawn Dumplings ($5.00+) at the back

What I like about their siew mai is the lean and chunky pork used. Compared to the typical minced pork, I prefer siew mai made with the chunky pork that gives the dumplings more texture. However VK’s siew mai are a tad too salty, and eating a few left me parched.


The same applies to the har gaos. Big prawns, generous fillings, but too salty. The skin is also slightly thicker than preferred.


Prawn and Spinach Dumplings

The same crunchy prawns is featured here, with generous amounts of spinach. Unfortunately adding too much salt seems to be the overarching trend here. The skin was also too thick, and I ended up digging out the fillings.


Golden Egg Yolk Lava Bun ($4+)

And here they are. The famed custard buns. I ordered one portion to begin with cause I was afraid no one but me would eat them.


My very first bun was a little disappointing. I took care to eat them hot, the moment they were placed down in fact. However the skin of the bun was lukewarm and dense. It wasn’t thick, but it lacked the fluffiness good bun skins have. And the custard didn’t flow, even after I made such a huge tear and peered deep and hard in. The custard was too little for this bun, so when torn into half only one half had custard. The other was an empty yellow cave.


My second bun was the exact opposite of the first. Pillowy bun with an extremely hot and flowy custard. The custard was everything I was looking for: extremely hot, a slightly sandy texture from the salted egg yolks, and a perfect harmony between savoury and sweet. I can see why people claim that it’s the best custard bun ever. However I didn’t like how oily it was. The oil was clearly separated from the custard, and visible specks of oil were floating on the golden custard, even soaking the bun skin. One of the buns from our second orders had a thick layer of oil above the custard which was quite a put off. I would much rather go to Bao Today for a custard bun with an equally good, less oily, and consistent custard. Nevertheless I don’t disagree that VK does make pretty mean custard buns. They’re definitely one of the best.

What VK’s excessively salty steamed dumplings lack, their custard bun and radish cake definitely make up for. It’s by no means the best dim sum restaurant I’ve been to, but it’s definitely joined the upper ranks. It’s worth a visit so do give it a try and leave me your take on their dim sum. Meanwhile I’ll leave you to drool over the melty flowy lava goodness of custard buns.


Victor’s Kitchen
91 Bencoolen Street
Sunshine Plaza Singapore
9838 2851

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