Antoinette’s New(-er) Cakes

Funny how I’m always a step behind cause I blog at a tortoise-like pace. These cakes were launched about half a year ago, as part of Antoinette’s Autumn/Winter new cakes series.


Kyoto – green tea mascarpone mousse, chestnut cremeux and green tea joconde base ($9+)


I liked how the chestnut cremeux was very light, and rounded up the green tea flavours with a wonderful Japanese-esque touch. The green tea flavour definitely did stand out and that’s what’s most important in a green tea-flavoured dessert.


??? – white chocolate mousse, blueberry compote, vanilla joconde, and chocolate feuilletine ($???)


Mmmmmmmm I obviously forgot what this was called, BUT I do remember the various components of the dessert. This was my sisters’ favourite of the 2. Supposedly white chocolate, the mousse tasted more like a cheesecake mousse, a framboise. Paired with the tart blueberry compote and the feuilletine, there were both crunch and a balance of flavours to this dessert. Absolutely wonderful.

But I’m still a matcha girl at heart.

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