BinB: Fat-free Sugar-free Caramelized Banana Pancakes

Annnnnnnnnnd I turned 19!!!! *claps* about a month ago actually but it was during my exam weeks and I didn’t have the time to post.

Birthdays are always my favourite days of the year and I’m always praying for my next birthday to come after one has just passed. Sadly my birthday’s been falling on examination weeks for the past 2 years, I’ve not been able to celebrate it on the actual date, but rather having it waaaaay earlier or waaaaay belated. And that’s making me slightly desensitized to the excitement of my actual birthday 😦

But I guess to keep myself all hyped up and excited about birthdays (no really I still am slightly excited of course!) I’d catch up on those backtracked birthday posts I have piled up in my drafts folder!! First up’re these healthy babies I made for my dad back in October!

Who doesn’t like breakfast in bed? Rhetorical. I made my dad BinB a few years back, and they were pancakes! Fluffy pancakes with decadent maple syrup. Mmmm pure bliss. Of course I wasn’t all that into cooking then, so my pancakes – though looking way better than these – were from a mix. The bottled add-water-and-shake-it-up kind. Now that I know cooking’s way more than that, I wanted to make my dad an equally cook pancakes BinB.

Thing is my dad’s not what you would call slim. He’s quite the opposite. So I was really looking for a good healthy pancake recipe, and after searching for real long I ended up with this recipe!

I served these babes with honey caramelized bananas – simply cooking the bananas with some honey till it has a beautiful caramel sear. The pancakes themselves were utterly delicious. Overbrowned on the surface – my bad I couldn’t get the hang of adjusting the fire – but really soft and fluffy on the inside. It wasn’t like my previous healthy pancake attempts that yielded slightly dense, soggy and chewy insides. These were just great.

Fat-free Sugar-free Pancakes (serves 2)

1/4 cups all-purpose flour
A pinch of baking soda
A pinch of salt
1 drop of vanilla

1. Whisk the first 4 ingredients together, then add and mix in enough milk to form a runny batter.

2. Heat a pan over medium heat and drizzle a little oil on it (or use a non-stick pan like I did) then pour 1/4 cup batter onto the pan. Cook till bubbles appear on the surface, then flip the pancake and cook for another 1-2 minutes on the other side. Cook the remaining batter, reducing the heat as you cook to prevent the excess browning.

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