Dean & Deluca

‘Course I didn’t just visit Dean & Deluca recently pfft how could you even suggest that?

I first visited D&D when it opened back in early July when it’d just opened. Since then I’ve been there so often the counter guy can remember my orders! Quite fascinating actually.


Prawn, Avocado and Mango Salad ($11.50 for half portion)

Despite having made several visits, I never did try items from their fixed menu. It wasn’t because the items on the menu weren’t interesting. On the contrary they sounded extremely inviting. However the items on the counter and in the glass displays were so simple, unpretentious and reasonably priced, I couldn’t resist the initial attraction. And I never could stay away from it afterwards.


Baker and Cook’s Apple Tart makes an appearance here!

For a cafe that’s so highly reputable in other countries – say for example Japan in which D&D was found in Tokyo Midtown – I was quite surprised to find them sourcing their breads, vennoiseries, and even bakes from other bakeries. I’ve seen items from Maison Kayser, PAUL’s boulangerie, Bakers & Co, The Bread Project and Baker & Cook being sold there. With the standards of their cooked food, I can’t fault them for outsourcing their breads possibly cause it isn’t their forte or something. I’m happy to say though that I’ve recently been seeing muffins and several bakes labelled “by Dean & Deluca”! Will try them out soon and I do hope D&D starts selling more of their bakes instead of others’.


Grilled Salmon with 200g of Roasted Pumpkins


Grilled Chicken Breast

Their savouries though are on a whole different level. Simple and unpretentious, they are cooked using the freshest and finest produce, and are reasonably priced. If my memory doesn’t fail me, 200g of roasted pumpkins costs $2.40. Which is really reasonable considering how you’d pay $9++ at Marche for 400g or so of vegetables. A slab of salmon will set you back at ~$12 and the grilled chicken at ~$8, and both are served with a small serving of salad. The only dishes I would say are steeply priced are their salads. However given the freshness and cripsness of those veggies, I wouldn’t mind paying the premium really.

Other savouries sold at the counter include things like glazed carrots, roasted rosemary potatoes, lasagna, various salads, sandwiches, and many others.


Some Ham and Gouda sandwich with Pesto and Cranberry relish!

The only thing I did order from the menu was their Eggs Iberico – 2 Poached Eggs with Sautéed Mushrooms, Jamón Ibérico and Hollandaise Sauce on Sundried Tomato Bread ($25) which I sadly never managed to catch a shot of. I adore my poached eggs so anything “Eggs _____” would always catch my undivided attention. The price is unusually high for an “Eggs (something)” dish, but that’s because D&D’s rendition replaced the usual ham or proscuitto with the premium and rare Jamón Ibérico de Bellota, which doesn’t come cheap at all. I think the only places I’ve seen it being sold in Singapore is ION’s and KallagI12’s Marketplace. Lean, lightly salted, and comparatively healthier than other cured meats (more than half the fat in this ham is monounsaturated, like olive oil, due to the pig’s acorn-rich diet), this is one member of the “Eggs ______” family I’ll gladly pay the hefty pricetag for.


Berries & Flap Jacks – Oat & Honey Buttermilk Pancakes with Fresh Mixed Berries, Dean & DeLuca “Grade A” Organic Maple Syrup ($18)

But of course, famed for their sweet breakfast items, I couldn’t avoid them forever. My friends ordered their Berries & Flap Jacks – Oat & Honey Buttermilk Pancakes with Fresh Mixed Berries, Dean & DeLuca “Grade A” Organic Maple Syrup ($18) on a visit, and I must say it was a fantastic choice. Absolutely fluffy and complemented by those beautiful berries and huge servings of sinful clotted cream, this dish is a definite must-try for all pancake lovers. My friend said D&D’s pancakes were better than Strictly’s and Wild Honey’s! Wellllll I wouldn’t call it better than Wild Honey’s, but yes it’s probably better than Strictly’s.

Without a doubt, D&D’s somewhere breakfast junkies like should definitely visit. Even if you aren’t, if you’re in town and looking for a healthier meal option, head over to D&D.

Dean & Deluca
181 Orchard Road
Orchard Central Level 4
6509 7708

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