Wild Honey: Midnight Brunch

This is probably one of the first few posts written – for so long – in real time? I decided that other posts can wait, simply because I want to be able to capture every detail of this amazing night.


The third of its kind, Wild Honey’s Midnight Brunch was truly held during midnight, from 10pm on the 16th November to 1am on the 17th. Boasting a free flow of Chandon, live entertainment (essentially a DJ spinning some tracks) and ‘door prizes’ (handed out to a select few by chance – or not – surprise surprise), this novel experience was hosted at their Scotts Square outlet catered to the public. Seats are limited however and reservations are required, made either online or by phoning in.


The night kicked off at 10pm. Technically, that is. Upon calling to confirm my reservation, I was advised to turn up at around 9.30pm to register and make the most out of the free flow Chandon.


And boy oh boy was I glad I did. The turnout was extremely good, and people were queuing to get registered at about 9.45pm. The registration procedure went like this: go to the counter, get your attendance marked, pay up, make your orders, then head over to the booze. What I liked was how organised and efficient they were, having our tables pre-assigned and recorded, receipts printed and labelled according to our table numbers, so to speed up the registration process. Wonderful foresight I must say, and it did contribute to a smooth registration. What I didn’t like, was how I was subscribed to what my teachers would call ageism. Somehow being 18 registered as being unimportant or insignificant. We were the second group to arrive, yet no menu was being passed to us and we were left standing at the side, cast away while following groups were being offered menus and getting their orders taken. That kinda bugged me.


Initially I had the impression that this dinner would be a buffet styled one where we were entitled to multiple orders of mains. On hindsight that was pretty silly. Ok very silly. I didn’t factor in the cost of the Chandon, so I assumed $75++ per pax would have to mean unlimited food. Apparently not. They had a special menu catered for this night, featuring 12 brunch items from their menu. I found it baffling that they did not made their ala carte menu similarly available. What if I wasn’t full enough? Hmmm.


Brazilian Bread bites


We were served some small bites at around 10pm. The first were these cute little donut-looking balls, presented in a cocktail glass atop a bed of sea salt, which we were told are Brazilion Bread. Fluffy yet chewy, they resembled those Japanese mochi breads recently featured at several bakeries like Four Leaves, Yamazaki Bakery and Sun Moulin. They tasted like those cheese-flavoured mochis, absolutely chewy and decadent. Hot out of the oven, these breads were bites of heaven. Biting into the sprinkling of sea salt offered both a welcomed textural contrast and a flavour boost. Lovely.

Next were some cubes of scallion roasted potatoes. I didn’t manage to get a shot of that. They weren’t bad, pretty decent, but outshined by the earlier Brazilian Bread bites.




DJ spinning wonderful tracks through the night

Among the 4 of us, we ordered a Tunisian, a Portobello Road and 2 Aussies.


Tunisian – Spicy shakshouka studded with Chorizo sausages, crowned with 2 fried eggs, signature brioche and an Israeli salad

My must-order at Wild Honey, the Tunisian was perfect as usual.


Portobello Road – 2 perfectly poached eggs with wilted spinach, whole baked Portobello mushrooms, melted onions and rainbow colored peppers, with homemade citrus Hollandaise on their signature brioche

I was chided for ordering this. “Silly ah you pay $88.30 to eat mushrooms and spinach?!” Not the most value for money dish I agree, but nevertheless one that I don’t regret. They weren’t stingy with their ingredients and the portobellos were of a decent size. Undercook mushrooms and you’d get hard ones oozing liquids and turning into a soggy mess; overcook them and you’d get a dehydrated shrivelled mushroom. These were baked to perfection. The wilted spinach was similarly perfectly cooked. I loved the addition of roasted peppers and caramelised onions which lent the dish a subtle sweetness. To top it off, their fluffy brioche is always wonderfully toasted and poised to soak up the yolky goodness. I can’t comment on the hollandaise though cause I had them S.O.S.-ed. I was so amused seeing them write this next to my order!


Aussie – 120g prime Australian grass-fed sirloin, red and yellow peppers & onion confit, fried egg, signature brioche, breakfast potatoes, baked beans and sauteed mushrooms

Judging by its money-worthiness, this was of course the dish that best fits the picture. Originally $26++ (I think?), the Aussie boasts a decent steak served with a variety of well-matched sides. I like this dish because of the combination of ingredients and flavours that gives it a flavour and textural balance. The portions are also comparatively larger and would actually fill up your tum tum. Friends said the steak was great.


Snow Puffs – vanilla-scented puffs dusted with icing sugar and accompanied with a selection of Coffee and Tea

Essentially creme patisserie frozen and piped between layers of pancake batter, these Snow Puffs were surprisingly decent – for a tasteless selection of a dessert. Yes yes I know the bulk of the $88.30 went to those blasted Chandon, but I expect a restaurant that has such good mains to put some thought into their desserts. Seemingly a reconstruction of a cream puff, the replacement of the choux component with an easily whipped up pancake batter – while different – makes it seem as if no effort was put into it. Their saving grace would probably be the frozen creme patisserie. That made it resemble ice cream. For someone who hates cream freezing it made it bearable and even likeable to me.

Here we were once again receptors of ageism. We never did get that coffee/tea…

Things got pretty wild at night when people started getting tipsy and a tad drunk. The DJ was pretty good though! He picked the correct songs to keep everyone’s spirits up. It was kinda funny seeing foreigners dancing (wrongly) to Gangnam style! We started joining in a while later, and the whole place became pretty clubby. The fun factor’s definitely there!

Steeply priced at $88.30 nett, Wild Honey’s midnight brunch is definitely worth your money if you love champagne, or just alcohol for that matter. If you don’t – like me – then there really isn’t a need to premium for the novelty. I did enjoy the night no doubt, but the service and that I don’t love alcohol would probably keep me from attending the next.

Wild Honey
6 Scotts Road
3rd Floor
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-9pm
Friday-Saturday & Evenings of Public Holidays: 9am-10pm
6636 1816

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