Break from the travel posts: Strictly Pancakes!

Soft and fluffy; chewy yet airy. Savoury or sweet, slathered in butter or drenched with maple syrup, pancakes are the very food I’d never say no to.

Ok never’s a tad extreme. But I can’t imagine a life without pancakes. They are like edible clouds! Every child’s fantasy come true. Sadly there’re not many places in Singapore one can get his/her pancake fix. Good ones would be the pricey ones available at Wild Honey, while affordable ones would be…oh wait, Mcdonald’s. Rather pathetic actually. It can be seen that the pancakes scene in Singapore’s rather absent and disappointing.

Up till Strictly Pancakes that is.


I’ve recently been introduced to this shop that specialises in pancakes. I was like “OMG REALLY? PANCAKES? ALL DAY?!?!” Yep indeed! Sweet or savoury, this shop offers all-day pancakes! IT’S LIKE A DREAM COME TRUE. Of course the moment my friend brought it up I was dead set on visiting it. I’ve actually been to Strictly Pancakes about thrice already, and never once have I been disappointed.

At Strictly Pancakes, you can either choose from their list of composed sweet or savoury pancakes, or you could compose your own pancake dish, choosing from 2 up to 4 pancakes, and sides to go along if you liked. All pancakes are served with butter and maple syrup. What’s interesting here, is that their butter comes in 4 flavours: salted, unsalted, garlic and herbed, and finally rum and raisin. The salted and unsalted’re normal, but the other 2 flavours really caught my eye. The former’s perfect for savoury pancakes, while the latter’s perfect for sweet ones! Then again, it could work both ways where rum and raisin could be used in savoury pancakes too! That got me really really really excited on my first visit!


Rum and raisin butter, and maple syrup


My friend’s composed stack of pancakes – medium stack (3 pancakes), rum and raisin butter, and bacon ($9.50++)

The composed stack works like this: first you choose the number of pancakes you want, ranging from 2 (short) to 4 (large) pancakes. You could add $1 to make em chocolatey ones. Step 2 you choose the butter you’d like to accompany your stack. Finally, if plain ol’ fluffy pancakes just ain’t good enough for you, you could choose from a list of sides – bacon, scrambled eggs, sauteed mushrooms, corn beef hash, chicken chipolata – priced at $2.50++ per item. I must say that, though simple, the pancakes were absolutely well done. Perfecto. Utterly delicious. The texture was perfect, the taste was spot on without being too savoury nor too sweet, and the specialty butter further added on to the novelty of the dish.


Lemon Curd for The Nerds – three chocolate pancakes with deliciously tangy lemon custard and cream accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream and lemon zest ($10++)

I was considering between composing a stack of my own, getting the Apples and Cinnamon stack, or this chocolate one. Obviously this one won. Who could resist the ingenious combination of lemon curd and chocolate?! And true to my expectations, these pancakes were a beauty to behold.


Not liking cream, I requested for mine to be removed. The pancakes were intensely chocolatey, not overly sweet, and were so soft my teeth sank in with every bite. The sour lemon curd gave the sweet dish a welcomed tang and elevated the otherwise one-dimensional pancakes. I was actually surprised and pleased to see specks of vanilla in their ice cream! With every bite bursting with a forkful of pancake, ice cream and lemon curd, oh boy was I one happy girl. My only qualm with this dish was that they were extremely stingy with their lemon curd. There wasn’t a lot spread between the pancakes, and seeing how much oomph they added to the pancakes (which could otherwise have gotten a tad gelak after the 2nd piece) more curd would definitely raise the standards of the dish.

With that amazing first visit and the long list of enticing to-trys, subsequent visits became a must!


Benedict the Thief – Two poached eggs atop turkey ham and two extra thick pancakes finished with hollandaise sauce and asparagus ($14++; removed from menu)

I’m a sucker for poached eggs. And thick pancakes. It’s not everyday you find pancakes of that thickness without compromising on its texture and flavour. Together, this was a deadly combination. Irresistible. However the accompanying sides left much to be desired. The amount of plainly blanched asparagus was pathetic, unimpressive both in its offering and taste, and the salad vegetables were slightly wilted. I was also slightly turned off with how inflexible they were with their dishes. I’m not a fan of ham, so I was hoping to replace the ham in my dish for a little more salad or asparagus. But oh no, it wasn’t allowed. Uh uh. Take the ham or it’s nothing girl.


Given that I loved the pancakes more than I hated the sides, I was extremely upset to find they’d removed this dish from their everyday menu, moving it instead to their weekend brunch menu. Now I’d have to sacrifice my dimsum for this tuts tuts!


What-a-spread! – medium stack of peanut butter pancakes layered with Nutella served complete with Kinder Bueno and a scoop of vanilla ice cream ($11++)

Yes this tastes every bit as sinfully decadent as it looks. I was initially a tad skeptical about the peanut butter sauce that came with it because it looked way too watery and diluted. Of course I should’ve learnt by then that looks really are deceiving, cause the peanut butter sauce was rich, thick, and simply amazing. It was what gave the dish its peanut butter-ness. The pancakes were as usual fluffy and pleasant, though not tasting discernibly of peanut butter. A wonderful dessert pancake on the whole. 3 pancakes are a tad too much though and my friend was struggling at her 3rd pancake.



Snuggle up – A pair of tasty hotdogs snugly tucked within two pancakes, drizzled with maple syrup and caramalised onions on the side, with scrambled eggs as an add-on ($15.50++)

I love the presentation of this dish! True to its name and description, the hot dogs were wrapped in the pancakes. They look so warm, coddled and at home, no? How I wished I were those hot dogs.


Crabcake pancakes – a homemade crabcake patty flanked by two extra-thick pancakes, served with lemon mayonnaise and a side of cherry tomato salad ($14++)

Replacing Benedict the Thief is this crabcake pancakes, offering my favourite thick pancakes! Yay me! This was my friend’s order, and she found the crabcakes excellent in that they were generous with the crab meat. Unlike most crabcakes, Strictly Pancakes’ are not disproportionate in the bread crumbs/panko to crab meat ratio, using instead more crab meat. That definitely serves a thumbs up in my book!

In case you were wondering, this dish was photographed this way because the other components were so sorely lacking and shameful it would do the picture injustice. Wilted pathetically little salad vegetables isn’t what one would call appetizing.


Chicken a la king – Chunky chicken and sweet onion slices cooked to perfection and topped with cream sauce and asparagus to go with a medium stack ($13++)

I don’t like cream, so I’ll never order something like that. That aside, I thought that they were pretty generous with the chicken! The friend who ordered this dish said that the chicken chunks were quite lean, properly seasoned and cooked perfectly. So for all you cream lovers out there, this dish is probably worth a shot! Once again though the asparagus were just pathetic.


Beef skewers – Juicy beef balls skewered and grilled to perfection with fragrant capsicum, fresh pineapples and sweet onions served over a medium stack, with a side of tangy salsa ($14++)

Everyone unanimously agreed that the beef balls were indeed extremely juicy and succulent. I can’t take beef, so I’m unable to tell you more but that everyone loved it, and my friend who had this dish was a happy girl throughout dinner. 3 pancakes seemed to be too much for her though and she couldn’t finish her 3rd piece! Don’t let the seemingly small portion deceive you. Pancakes are really filling, so a stack of 3 is indeed quite an amount!

After several visits to Strictly Pancakes, I’d say that this is definitely a haven for all you pancake lovers out there. Their innovative and extensive sweet and savoury creations are indeed pleasing both to the eyes and to the palate. Don’t expect much from their vegetable sides though. While I wouldn’t claim Strictly Pancakes to serve the best pancakes in town, it offers relatively amazing pancakes at an affordable price. And in Singapore, where the pancake industry is still in its baby stages, Strictly Pancakes is indeed a reliable place to get your pancake fix.

On a side note, I’ll be checking out another pancake shop Batter Fluffy Flaps soon! Wonder how it’ll fare compared to Strictly Pancakes (:

Strictly Pancakes
44A Prinsep Street
6333 4202


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  1. Pancakes are popular all across the world and served in some of the top restaurants in the world. Very informative post.

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