Europe 2011 Part 2: Brudges

Next stop: Brussels! Where they have overpriced Godivas, overrated chocolate truffles, and underrated white wine steamed mussels.

Doesn’t this look like a certain fast food chain restaurant that’s slowly taking over the world? You gotta give it to Europeans and their anti-American culture sentiments. Strong willed to the point of copying their fast food ressie concepts and renaming them – creatively – as Hamburger restaurant.

Ahhhh so gothic…me likey

The prevalence of chocolates here *breathes*!! SO. MUCH. CHOCOLATES.


Love this dish!!! My love for it’s probably enhanced by the fact that I just walked through 3 hours of rain! It was raining throughout our day in Brussels. Not small drizzle kinda rain, but constant light rain kinda rain. Needless to say I was drenched from head to toe, with water literally dripping from my fringe. Best thing was, it started pouring half an hour before dinner time. It was so bad, people’s umbrellas were either being ripped from them or being flipped inside out! Imagine walking in something like that for half an hour. Any steaming hot dish would seem like heaven served on a plate.

Our hotel. Which we got stuck at for 2 hours because the car was so cold the keys broke in the ignition.

On the way to see some statue of a boy peeing. Mannekin piss or something like that.

Why they chose to erect a statue of a boy pee-ing escapes me. Seriously? What happened to privacy?

This is super cool!

And more chocolates. But wait! These are Godivas~

Super duper ex bag of Godiva truffles



And champagne!! Looks good on the outside but tastes pretty normal. Not worth the price really.

These chocolates mark the end of our wonderful 2 day stay in Brussels; and the start of a total food journal. What would you expect from a visit to France?

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