Europe 2011 Part 1: Amsterdam


I’m not exaggerating I can literally see virtual webs hanging all over my html codes and my draft posts sigh…

So the reason for my long absence could probably boil down to me being super busy prepping for University to start. Gosh school is starting again! In 3 weeks time!! *hyperventilates* I don’t think I’ve had enough time for myself yet! I have not even made my way through one of my gazillion cookbooks. Flabbit.

Anyway I have to get this post over and done with if not I can’t move on to my other posts! I’ve recently just been to central Japan, so I’ve got a lotta travelling pics to clear before I get back to my recipes and food trips!

For our annual family trip last year, we visited Europe. I loved it. Every bit of it. The rain, the overpriced Godivas, the hot French boys, the Macs look alike fast food restaurants they insist on calling the Hamburger restaurants; ahhh and the list goes on! It was really beautiful. The culture, the architecture, the people. I never seem to get that excited over visiting Asian countries.

Me being that excited inadvertently meant my camera was constantly on overdrive though. Honestly I feel really bad for my camera cause I felt like I overworked it. I think it hates me even though I apologised a few times 😦 ahem anyway! That many photos mean the coming few posts would be more of pictorials! Enjoy (:

Countless pretty clogs!

Gouda-making factory. Absolutely heart the gouda produced here. We (actually more like I) spent about 100 euros here! Bought home some flavoured goudas like pesto, peppercorn, smoked, goats’, smoked goats’, baby gouda, and much much more. They sold these crispy thin honey waffle biscuits too!

Along the streets of Amsterdam

Hate that they are so spoilt for choice when it comes to dairy products!!! URGH I have to run across Singapore just to get decent non-fat thick creamy decadent greek yogurt

Hate them even more for having such a huge variety of extremely affordable pastas. A packet of these would be probably be sold for SGD15 or more zzz.

It looks damn nice and impressive. But honestly I don’t know what this random ship is doing in the middle of the sea.

Apparently the world’s largest cut diamond!

Simple lunch of fish and not-chips in a small fishing village ❤

Really pretty village! It has this fairytale feel that really tugs at my heart

Residential area

That was 1/5 of my breakfast at the hotel. I am seriously freeeeeeaking jealous over how they offer such awesome food for breakfast! Love that bread’s a staple in Europe so there are so many varieties of breads to choose from! Totally unlike Asian countries where you would only see plain sliced toasts. And cornflakes/coco puffs. Not even coco crunch.

And this ended my 2 days of stay in Amsterdam on a high note.

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