Matcha series: Matcha so-called Brownie

And we’ve come to the last of the series! 😀 there, what did I tell ya? It’d be done today!

I mentioned one or two posts back, that I was suddenly besotted with the idea of making matcha brownies! Sadly almost all the recipes that I found, including those I google-translated from Japanese cookbooks, called for white chocolate to be paired with it. Now I’m not a white chocolate fan, at all. Uh-uh. I like the cocoa taste about chocolates, so white chocolate just tastes like some melty sweet to me. Totally unattractive. Naturally I had none at home. So I just had to settle for this only recipe I managed to find, that called for butter instead.

They didn’t turn out bad actually! In fact everyone pretty much loved them. Especially when they were straight out of the oven. Hot, moist, yet crumbly, with a strong matcha taste…mmmm yums! I was a little apprehensive about it initially because it seemed so much like a butter cake, with the recipe calling for sooo little matcha. So I doubled it. So much that I had little clumps of matcha powder in my batter >.< hmm.

What’s best about this cakey brownie, is that it remained extremely moist and soft even after spending a night in the refrigerator! The cakes that I make usually never last the test that is the refrigerator, coming out slightly denser and crumbly the next day. I suspect that’s because of the amount of butter used. I always reduce the amount of butter and sugar called for in a recipe cause I don’t like that oily buttery taste. However I couldn’t remove it by much in this recipe, since the butter’s what holds the dry ingredients together.

My only qualm with this recipe, was that, mind you, almost no one could tell that it was a matcha brownie. Ok not getting it was a brownie was fine by me since brownies sold in Singapore are generally not of a cakey sort, but more of a dense, chewy and fudgy kind. But there were people who asked me if it was a banana cake! And I was like “What?! Banana cake?!?!” Dude there was not a nanogram of banana in there!! Someone did say it tasted like a butter cake. Which I absolutely agreed with after tasting it the next day. After it’s been chilled, it lost a lot of its initially strong matcha taste, and turned out more like a butter cake. It’s only after knowing that it’s a matcha cake, would you be able to consciously taste a tad of matcha in it. And that’s after I doubled the matcha. Guess I’d have to give the white chocolate brownies a go soon!

Matcha Brownie (makes 6 pieces*)
Recipe adapted from New People’s Matcha Brownie Recipe from The Cafe

130g butter
100g walnuts
100-105g sugar
2 eggs, lightly beaten
100g flour
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
4 tablespoons green tea powder

1. Leave butter out until it turn soft naturally.

2. Cut walnut into small pieces.

3. Mix Butter and sugar until it turns whitish. Add beaten eggs little by little, then add vanilla extract.

4. Mix flour and matcha tea powder and strain it through a sieve. Add this to the butter and egg mixture, and mix till combined. Pour it into a greased and lined sheet pan and level the top.

5. Bake for 55 minutes at 150C, taking care not to overbake it.

*I don’t know how big’re their pieces, cause I got about 20 fair squares from this recipe!

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