Matcha series: Matcha Latte

I’m gona try to finish this series before I get back to studying linguistics. So sue me for slacking (:

There it is. So this is one of the few posts I have almost nothing much to say about. It’s good. Ordinary kinda good. It didn’t live up to its promise of being “exactly like Starbucks'” though so I wasn’t quite impressed with it. I didn’t think that the matcha taste came out strong enough though, and mind you I did use quite a lot of matcha! I’ve tested another matcha milkshake sorta recipe, and have found it to be better than this. I think it’s because it used honey instead of sugar, which I personally think is a better compliment to matcha (: but anyway,

Matcha Latte (serves 1)
Recipe from Evan’s Matcha Latte

1/2 cup milk
Matcha powder and sugar to taste

1. Whisk together milk, matcha powder and sugar in a saucepan and bring to a near-boil. place it into a french coffee press and push plunger down a few times to foam the latte. you can also make some plain foamed milk for decor, if desired.

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