Equinox: Pink Champagne Brunch Buffet

5 more days to my FINAL paper, and today’s called “Spam Posts” day 😀 it’s so annoying cause there were people running out of the examination hall 2 days back screaming “OMFG FREEDOM IS SURREAL” when I’m like “zzz I have another paper to go!” ah well 5 more days to go. FIVE more days till I can sit back, burn my books, and wait for the dreaded results to be released. Omg…

I first went to Equinox last year, for my birthday dinner with my family. That was before I got all interested in taking photos of what I put in my mouth and blogging about it. Haha but I did remember that their food was stunning. Really good! Of course the ambience did add lotsa brownie points to the entire experience. Imagine dining on the 70th storey, looking down at the wonderful city-state bustling with night life. Ahhh…absolutely charming.

This time (which was like half a year back) my parents and I went for their Pink Champagne Buffet,  which meant that it was only the three of us since the other three are under-aged 😀 ok no actually I’m under-aged too. BUT if only the year was considered, then hey I’m 18 alright. In fact, I’m turning 18 next monday whoots! 😀 The Pink Champagne Buffet is held by Equinox every last Sunday of the month. Just as its name suggests, there will be lotsa champagne served there, and all PINK. SO CUTE! Even the desserts are all pink! ♥ this brunch buffet is really quite very popular, so you’d have to make a super advanced booking.

Upon arrival at our table, we were shown this menu that listed the food and alcoholic drinks that we could order as part of the buffet. Of course, there’s a free flow of champagne. They’ve also got a bartender that will mix up any kinds of alcohol you could possible think of, together with some beautiful pink specials of his. My parents ordered some foie gras, and the eggs benedict, eggs royale and eggs florentine. All were stupendo and wonderfully delish (: my parents adored the foie gras and went for seconds! So I guess that’s a must try for foie gras lovers!

Let’s just say that I was so overexcited and carried away with their jaw-dropping-door-banging-armpit-licking (EWWW) variety that I conveniently forgot to take pictures oops! So all I have are snippets of the food I brought to my table (:

Do you see that array of salmon?? *drools*

Unless my memory fails me, that should be some crab thingy o.o haha ok besides this salmon and cheese section, they have a seafood section, meat carving station, scallops and prawns station, Japanese section and an appetizer table. Their crabs and lobsters from the seafood sections were soooo fresh and sweet we couldn’t get enough of em! Their roasted turkey was good, really tender. For the scallops and prawns, they saute it with garlic and butter on the spot. So people had to walk there and order, then they’ll make some for you. Oh but it was oh-so-delish. So fresh and sweet and…yums.

$%^#*&*(@# PINK SOBA?! It tastes as pretty as it looks (: the Japanese section boasts a variety of sushis and sashimi, that are definitely tasty. However they’re not really super special, and are more of a normal good international buffet kinda spread. The only memorable thing about that table was THIS. Oh beautiful pink noodles~

I was pretty much stuffed by that time, so I went around searching for desserts. And I couldn’t find them. Just as I was going to demand some answers from the waiter, I stumbled upon this stairs at the side that let to – ohmygodohmygod – a separate room dedicated entirely to desserts and pastries BREATHES.

The hell, I should’ve seen this when I came in! Then I would have eaten these instead of wasting so much precious stomach space on plates and plates of crabs, scallops and prawns! Pfft!

This is but like 1/10 of the things offered there. They even have this nitrogen sorbet and crepes station!!

If you’re not drooling like a dog, you’re not human. I’ve not been to a dessert buffet yet that could boast of a variety (and quality) better than this! Look how preeeetty these are! But of course, we all have this love-hate relationship with buffets, in that we can never seem to try everything they offer. There’s just too much to eat!

At $148++ per pax, this buffet is not somewhere I’d visit often. Or even anytime soon. However seeing that I never got to try everything they offered, I’ll definitely be back. Wait for me you delectable desserts!!!

2 Stamford Road
70F Swissotel The Stamford Singapore
Tel: +65 6431 5669


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