Obolo: cakes, cakes and cakes! And macarons!

This is actually one of my favourite places to go for macarons! Their macarons have really thick ganache/fillings that give them this very meaty feel. Mmmm words can’t describe how wonderful they are! I know some people like their macarons with lighter, more buttercream-ish kinda filling with chew-ier shells. I however find Obolo’s take on this bites of delight wonderful. Aboslutely delish!

I’ve actually visited Obolo about 5 times this year already, but I’ve been delaying posting about it. So I guess I’ll just spam all the photos I’ve taken the previous times in this post! I’ll let the pictures do the talking ūüėÄ

Berries Verrines

From what I could taste, I believe that it consists of a lychee compote, some genoise sponge cake, raspberry sauce, chocolate mousse and raspberry coulis…ok so I was curious. Immediately after typing this I went to check their website for the components of this dessert. And this was what I got:¬†Lychee flesh in lychee gelee, raspberry cr√®me,¬†dark chocolate mousse and raspberry coulis with¬†layers of moist vanilla genoise. Well, I ain’t that far off haha! (:

Blueberry Cheesecake and Matcha Cheesecake

These I ate just awhile back! Probably 2-3 weeks before? Hearts ttm

This was from their Joo Chiat outlet, taken about a week back. They will be relocating to 112 Katong though, the new shopping mall! And imma head down there to give it a look-see look-see tomorrow ūüėÄ

Left to right: Matcha Tiramisu, Forest Noire, Le Cassis

According to their website, the Forest Noire (last picture) is made up of dark chocolate ganache mousse, dark¬†cherry & raspberry compote gelee,¬†ivoire mousse infused with vanilla¬†beans and chocolate-almond biscuit¬†doused in cherry and kirsch syrup; while their Le Cassis is made up of a dark chocolate ganache mousse,¬†blackcurrant ivoire mousse, chocolate¬†genoise & crunchy praline feulletine. Surprisingly there’s no description of the Matcha Tiramisu o.o

Out of these three cakes, I’d have to say that my absolute fave was the Le Cassis, and the one I liked the least was the Matcha Tiramisu. Which was utterly dumbfounding cause I loooooove matcha. The mascarpon cheese layer (if it were indeed) had a very weird gelee texture to it, and tasted a tad funny. I suspect that’s actually a mousse layer, which they added too much gelatin to or something! The Forest Noire was good, with a very strong alchohol after taste. But ohmy their Le Cassis was absolutely stunning. That should really be the modern blackforest cake imho ūüėÄ

Anyway I’ll be visiting Antoinette AGAIN tomorrow! And probably Obolo too if it’s indeed opened at 112 Katong already! Haha and I’ll definitely be blogging about it again, even though it’d be my third post on Antoinette. Well I shall keep doing that till I tire of Chef Pang hee!

452 Joo Chiat Road

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