Wild Honey

Trust me when I say this post has been rotting in my drafts for the past half a year. I was looking through my past posts today, when I realised this was saved under drafts! IN MAY THIS YEAR. PFFT. And this is not the only post. There’re about 4 posts rotting there argh!!!!!


Located on the third floor of Mandarin Gallery, this place is insanely popular among both Singaporeans and ang mohs. It’s flooded during the weekends. However come on a weekday and it’s almost emtpy (: Wild Honey looks like some Aussie/New Zealand farmer’s house, with brick walls, wooden furniture, and random soft fabric sofas. That gives it this amazingly homey feel, a kinda overseas farm homestay-ish ambience. Me loved it.

Their food’s named after various countries. So each dish is supposedly a representative breakfast/brunch dish from the respective countries. We ordered a Tunisian, Canadian, Belgium, European and Mexican.

Tunisian – Sizzling pan of tomato stew, chorizo and sunny egg

By now I’ve been to Wild Honey 3 or 4 times already, and I can safely say that this is my FAVE dish. Absolute favourite. Hot, spicy, and omg two sunny eggs! LOVES. The stewed tomatoes and peppers gave the dish a subtle sweetness in the otherwise spicy dish. Yums!

Canadian – 3 pancakes, wild forest berries compote, berries, maple syrup

If you enjoy thick, denser kind of pancakes, then this is the pancake for you. Unfortunately I’m not a fan of such thick pancakes, so this was pretty much a miss for my family and I. My friends like it though!

Belgium – waffles sanwiched with coconut cream, coconut flakes, grilled mango, maple syrup

Oh but this was heavenly! I fell head over heels in love with it at first bite, even though I’m usually not a fan of mango or coconut! Grilling the mango was a stroke of genius I thought, cause they turned out hot and a little crispy. Extraordinary! And ohmygosh the waffles were soooooo fluuuuuuffy I could’ve died!!!!! Personally, they are a MUST TRY.

European – Eggs Benedict with Proscuitto

Nice and decently executed dish 😀 perfectly poached eggs, great hollandaise, and I like the addition of chives on top! But seriously any decent cafe should be able to make a good eggs benedict.

All-in-all, Wild Honey has never failed to produce top notch yummy breakfasts. It is – and will be – one of my favourite places to go for my breakfast fix! Your day can never go wrong with a good start in Wild Honey! Gosh that sounded like some ad catchphrase o.o

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