I’ve actually visited House twice already, both quite a while back, with the second visit being more interesting since I finally got to try the 7 Layer Pancake that was much raved about, and which I was most interested in. Sadly my old digi camera was lost (or stolen I suspect!) before I uploaded the photos 😦 sigh…my pancakes…they were really nice btw. I’d purposely make another trip back just to make sure I get the photos LOL!

Anyway both visits were great. Awesome in fact. I’ll just talk about the first though xD

Carrot Cake with Figs and Nuts

The thing about House is, it’s so darn popular you HAVE to make a reservation or else you’d have to wait for quite some time. At least on the weekends. We weren’t aware of this on our first visit, so we happily made our way down at 12.30pm, reservation-less. Ohmygod the place was so friggin’ full the queue extended way outta the restaurant! We ended up waiting for 20 minutes, then squeezing into a 4-person table. The manager was awesome though. He apologised for the long wait and the small table, when DUH it wasn’t his fault! Oh he gave me his namecard too hee 😀

Hmmm so do the math, it was nearly 1pm by the time we got seated. Hungry TTM! Like to the extent of fainting! I immediately zoomed in on this Carrot Cake, and fell short of snatching a slice from the display LOL. Turns out we started with desserts because we were too hungry to wait for the stuff that had to be cooked! And ohmyohmy, it was one helluva carrot cake. Moist, crumbly and not too sweet, this carrot cake is by far the best I’ve ever tasted. No joke. The figs added a natural sweetness to the cake, which probably helped reduce the total amount of sugar required = healthy low calorie cake 😀 The cream cheese frosting was decadent. It’s the only frosting – till now – that I can AND will lick of the plate/fork/cake. Yums!! Needless to say I ordered this during my second visit there haha!

Ahi Taki Salad with Port Wine-Soaked Raisins

This is one mighty fine salad. The seared ahi taki tuna were tender, moist, and seasoned spot on. The sweet raisins then help to balance the slight saltiness of the tuna, creating a perfectly well-balanced dish. It was gone within seconds. Literally.

Eggs Benedict

I never could understand why Singapore cafes never seem to get this correct. Eggs Benedict have bacon as the filling. The smoked salmon version is called Eggs Royale. So technically I had an eggs royale 😀 cause what’s breakfast without eggs and carbs? This was pretty much a hit. Great hollandaise, perfectly poached eggs, nice muffins. What more could you ask for? Oh and there were slivers of sundried tomatoes too! ❤

Some king prawn linguine with black pepper sauce

It’s funny how I can’t remember the name of this dish, cause this was a huge hit among the 5 of us. The black pepper sauce was strong enough to give a slight heat and kick to the dish, and this was perfectly balanced by the super sweet grilled prawns and diced tomatoes. A must try IMHO. However do note that the portion’s reeeeeally big, like this is a halved portion. Yep. You can just imagine how one person’s gona finish a portion on his own…

And then we have the Bay Prawn Capellini. Really flavourful and a generally well executed dish. Our only problem with it was that the portion was HUGE. That meant my mum got pretty bored and tired of the dish soon enough. She had to give like half of it to my dad cause it was just too much, and too jelak. Maybe we should’ve halved the portion too. Then we might be able to better enjoy the dish! Cause honestly, it was darn nice.

Cod Fish and Chips! With two dips and Truffled fries

The fish was great. Tender and moist, with a very thin layer of flour. I thought the fish to fries ratio was a little out though. I for one would have liked a little more fish, and a little less chips (: my dad loved the truffled fries. Sadly I’m not a truffle-anything fan, so the fries didn’t really appeal to me.

Squid Ink Skinny Pizza

When they say skinny, they really mean skinny. The pizza crust felt more like a cracker than a pizza! No complains though cause they were absolutely delish. Hands down delicious. The squid ink made it a very interesting and unique take on pizzas! I’ve tried squid ink pizzas at other italian restaurants, namely Palio at RWS, and its totally not comparable to this. I’m now a skinny pizza convert btw.

Bittersweet Chocolate Tart

The Twins and I shared this for dessert. This is one honest tart. Bittersweet usually translates to slightly less sweeter than your average bar of Cadbury. This tart however, was really bittersweet. I could taste the cocoa, the dark chocolates, mmmm…heavenly. It wasn’t overly sweet, soft enough chocolate filling, will a real crunchy tart shell.

Banana Coffee Cake

Dad da bao-ed this home so it was in this really unflattering plastic box. The cake survived the 40min drive, and still turned out to be warm, delightfully moist, and totally delicious. I don’t usually like banana cakes, but this is one banana cake that I’d have no problem finishing.

Would I ever go back again? Definitely. No questions asked. Even if I didn’t lost my camera and the beautiful 7 layer pancake photos, I’d still return for their awesome food. In fact I’m already planning another brunch trip at Dempsey after my As! Hmm I’m thinking this or Jones the Grocer 😀










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