Antoinette: AT LAST

Seriously, I promised myself that I wouldn’t be posting anytime in these two weeks cause I’m having my prelims. BUT TODAY’S THE EXCEPTION. I don’t care. I’ve finally eaten like REALLY eaten at Antoinette, so I’m definitely writing this down while my memory’s still fresh!

So you know I’ve been waiting to visit this place for ages. It took me like weeks to get my mum to bring me there!! Imagine my absolute excitement!! Haha when I realised that they don’t take reservations, kiasu me got there half an hour early! Of course there wasn’t a soul in sight. Oh well better safe than sorry!

Just standing outside and looking at the rows and rows and rows of desserts was orgasmic enough. I told me mum “OH NONO I’M GONA TRY EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.” Which I didn’t get to thanks to my inadequate stomach! EXPAND NOW. Pfft.

We were sitted at around 11.05 (they opened 5 mins late!!!!) at this gorgeous and spacious table for two, with these wonderfully huge and comfty chairs. I felt like I was sitting on a throne LOL. My mum and I spent about 10 mins just melting and drooling all over the chairs and interior deco. The waitress must have been like “I should never have let these two in!” Haha ok that was a total exaggeration. I’d obviously known what to expect given my previous visit. But it was just a different feel the second time round, where I didn’t have to queue to get in, could pick my seats, walk around and take photos freely; ahhhh. It was just different. Probably because of the service too. I did mention previously that the service at Antoinette was horrible because of that particularly waitress, who seemed to think that students didn’t deserve to dine there or something. She was really polite and just all smiles today. When I was with my mum. AGEISM!!!

I was starving then cause I didn’t take any breakfast, so we ordered real quickly. We ordered a Pan Fried Foie Gras, Paris Savoury Crepe, Baguette with Brie and French Butter and their Earl Grey Tea whose fancy name slipped my mind. Sounds like a lot for just two? Oh no there’s still more to come. I couldn’t help but be tempted at the range of pastries and viennoiseries displayed at the entrance. They looked absolutely mouth watering like ohmygodI’minfoodparadise! Haha thus I went ahead and ordered myself a Chocolate Brioche and a Canele. I’ve always wondered what a canele was and how it tasted like, especially since I found out the restaurant Canele was named after this dessert! So I thought, wow it must be some mind blowing treat eh?

Chocolate Brioche and Canele


Calling it mind blowing would be a stretch, but I would be lying if I said this wasn’t good. Surrounded by a dark, thick caramelised crust, it took a lot of effort to slice it neatly in half. And when I finally did, I was rewarded with this pillowy tender custard center. Oh it was absolutely delish. I mean, my mum who doesn’t eat sweets at all ate it; and ate it again! Thanks to Antoinette, I’m probably going to stuff myself with caneles in my upcoming trip to Paris!

Chocolate Brioche

Off to a good start, this Chocolate Brioche certainly did not disappoint. It was so soft, trying to halve it with a knife is like crushing that poor thing. So I ended up tearing it open like a barbarian. Filled with small pockets of chocolate, the brioche was not overly sweet, and aced the balance between sweet and savoury. I was always quite afraid of food that’s been dusted with icing sugar cause it might turn out to be too sweet. Apparently not. This brioche really just kicked start my appetite for the rest of the day.


Pan Fried Foie Gras with Toasted Brioche and Salad with House Dressing

Paris – Egg, Emmental Cheese, Ham and Salad with House Dressing

Baguette with Brie and French Butter

Maybe because of how early it was, the food was served exceptionally fast. It was steaming hot though, so that kinda bugged me. But taste wise, no complaints. Obviously plating is not their forte, but the food more than made up for that. The foie gras was, according to my mum, stupendous. She took a small bite, and went mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, nodding and shaking her head all at the same time if that’s even possible! Haha I’m not a fan of foie gras so I can’t comment, but judging from my mum’s expression, it was better than excellent. I’m actually more of a bread person, so I automatically reached for the baguette. I would have liked for it to be toasted slightly lesser, cause it turned out too crisp for my taste. I felt like I was eating a biscuit. Which is ok for skinny pizzas but not for breads. The butter and the brie though were pure yums. Every bit of the baguette was sinfully slathered with butter and topped with a slice of brie. Ohmyohmy!

Paris – Egg, Emmental Cheese, Ham and Salad with House Dressing

As for the crepe: I’ve mixed feelings about this. The ham and salad were awesome, both in the taste and in the generous amounts. The egg was runny, which I totally loved. However the emmental cheese did not stand out at all. I could hardly taste them! I was like, cheese?? Where?? *flips the crepe left right upside down* the crepe, though extremely thin and well cooked, didn’t taste phenomenal. It was rather ordinary. But of course ordinary does not equate bad. It was a pleasant enough dish that I wouldn’t mind ordering again!

Honestly I was pretty full after finishing these. The crepe came in quite a big portion, probably enough to be shared by two! My stomach was screaming “no more food!” by then. Uh-uh no way. I have to have desserts!!! So I ignored my protruding belly and ordered some desserts.


I ordered the Antoinette cake, the Sesame and Antoinette macaron, and the Antoinette praline. If you’re coming to Antoinette, you should try everything labelled Antoinette right?? That’s what I thought.

I’ve read from others’ blogs that the ‘correct’ way to eat the Antoinette cake is to burst that bubble up there and let its contents dribble all over that chocolatey goodness. One person actually said something like “burst it like a pimple”!!! She shouldn’t have! Cause that was stuck in my head the whole time! I kept staring at that little blob there and go “oh little pimple I’m burstin’ ya all right!”

And so burst the pimple we shall!

But ohmygod this is one tough acne. Those dudes made it seem so easy from their photos. They just stuck their forks in there and kaboom, the contents came flowing out. But noooo, I was deceived! It ain’t that easy. No matter how hard I tried to shove my fork in, it just wouldn’t break! Rather it started rolling around like some balloon.

It took me a long while to finally burst/flatten it, and to see it ooze this thick raspberry coulis! Total food porn. LOL oh my I’ve never said that before!

If only the ball of coulis would burst entirely and not look like some deflating balloon…it would’ve been perfect! Naughty pimple!

From what I learnt, this wonderfully constructed dessert consists of: hazelnut feullitine (center bottom), milk chocolate (center…center?), early grey infused chocolate mousse (surrounding), and finally topped with chocolate ganache and raspberry coulis. Now the moment I took a first bite, I released this embarrassingly loud groan. Like seriously. It was pure bliss. The mousse was an absolute success because it screamed earl grey to me! I felt like I was tasting their earl grey tea in a solid form! It was truly amazing. I distinctly remember someone commenting that the raspberry coulis didn’t make a difference to the dish. And I entirely disagree. The coulis added an extra dimension to this dish, balancing this ultimately sweet dessert to create an experience that is pure bliss. Putting raspberry and chocolate together ain’t no stroke of genius. It’s been done so many times. But IMHO, the idea of encasing the coulis in this little ball, and getting the consumers to participate in the creation of the final product is marvelous.

Despite my absolute love for this dessert, I have to admit that it gets a little too sweet after awhile. Once your tongue has gotten accustomed to the early grey flavour, what stands out is just the chocolate. So in order to retain your initial delight and love for this dessert, it would be good to share it amongst two or three people. That way you won’t get bored of it anytime soon (:

After the Antoinette, it was time to try the other desserts! It was then I realised that my friend and I probably made an error in our judgement. I shouldn’t have ordered all the stuff labelled Antoinette. Because then I’d be tasting stuff that tasted almost the same! Following the same concept, each Antoinette dessert consisted of earl grey, chocolate, and raspberry. And so I got bored of it by the time I reached the macaron. However I have tried the Antoinette macaron separately before, and I must say that it is an amazing macaron. Over at Antoinette, I’d only take the sesame and Antoinette macaron because I feel that the others are just not up to my standards.

Salty Caramel Tart

Though I was practically bursting in my shorts, I decided that I needed to try one more dessert cause I never know when I’ll be back! There were so many things that I wanted to try, like the nougatine, their ice cream, sweet crepes, endless lists! Since I could only stomach one more, I opted for this tart because it was something really unique. I never liked caramel to begin with because I think its way too sweet. Moreover sweet AND salty never really appealed to me. So salty caramel was just foreign and urgh to me. Since I don’t like it, I SHALL TRY IT!

Entirely crunchy, this was a stark contrast to the Antoinette cake I’d just eaten. It was almost not sweet at all, instead being slightly salty, and having this absolutely strong coffee taste! Which I loved!!! I’d probably not eat this too often cause I’m still not a fan of salted caramel, but I must say that this dessert was surprisingly pleasant and really unique!

An absolute angel at heart, I convinced my mother to get some desserts home for my sisters. And me of course 😀 TEEHEE. So I settled for the Versailles, the Antoinette and the Violette.


As mentioned in the previous post, this is an honest to earth dark chocolate cake that has just the right amount of sweetness to still be able to be called “dark”! It didn’t disappoint.


Pleasing to the eyes, the Violette however didn’t rise up to expectations. I conclude that I’m not a fan of buttercream, cause I really didn’t like the buttercream frosting. Taste-wish, the jam/confiture slathered between the layers turned out to be too overwhelming for me. I felt like I was eating toast with jam! Just that the ‘toast’ was spongier and swetter! So it was just a boomz sweet-jam-like flavour. It isn’t bad to be honest, just not as good as I’d expected it to be.

And this marks the end of my first PROPER visit to Antoinette! There’ll definitely be more visits to come, that I’m sure of. Meanwhile I’ll be heading down to House@Dempsey this Sunday! I had brunch there the previous Sunday, and was so impressed that I’m going there with my family again this coming weekend! 😀

333A Orchard Road
Mandarin Gallery
6836 9527


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