What I’ve been eating for the past week

Holidays = fat. We spent the past week rewarding ourselves for the previous months of hardwork by eating non-stop! Oh well, I’d just spend the next few months starving myself again. If I could resists food omg!

For the past week, I had Thai food at BaliThai, brunch with my mum at Jones the Grocer, dinner at Bakerzin and a dim sum lunch today at Crystal Jade Palace.

Left to right, top to bottom: Tom Yam Seafood Soup, Belacan Kang Kong, Baby Kailan, Pad Thai, Pineapple Rice, Indonesian Barbeque Platter

BaliThai is a great place to go for both Thai and Indonesian food. I love their tom yam soup, pad thai, and the bbq platter!! Comparing this to Thai Express, I think I like Thai Express’ pad thai more though!

Jones’ Club Sandwich

Of course we had more than these! We ordered a Mixed Bread Platter and a Brioche to share too. Omg their Brioche is heavenly!! It was so moist, soft, yet crisp on the outside thanks to the toasting. The little dried cranberries added in really gave it a sweetness well balanced by the butter. Yums! And oooooh their club sandwich was…*speechless* haha no really it was darn nice! Tender chicken breasts, crisp bread, crunchy lettuce; it all adds up to a fabulous lunch.

Bakerzin: Molten Chocolate Cake and Bailey’s Irish Cream Souffle

We had a Pear SaladMargarita Pizza, Baramundi fish and Mushroom Bruschetta that day. But my main focus was on their desserts muahahaha! Sadly, both were rather disappointing 😦 the Molten Chocolate Cake tasted good, but it didn’t have any oozy chocolate interior! In fact it was almost entirely dry. We could only dig out a TEASPOONFUL of liquid chocolate pfft! My sister said “at least it tasted good”, but most molten chocolate cakes do!!! Its the interior that really matters! FAIL. Their souffle, though beautifully risen, was cold. How can something that has just came out of the oven be cold?? The ramekin wasn’t even warm! Hmmm…the entire thing basically tasted like coffee foam. I don’t know if it’s supposed to have that texture, cause honestly the only souffles I’ve ever tried was from here. And somehow “Bailey’s Irish Cream” doesn’t really reek coffee to me? No? Haha maybe it did mean coffee, and I just didn’t get it 🙂

Left to right, top to bottom: Shao Rou, Double-boiled Leek and Pork Ribs soup, Hak Gao, Siew Mai, Plain Cheong Fan, Assorted Mushroom Dumplings, Bai Fan Yu, Cha Shao Bao

Simply put, the dim sum at Crystal Jade Palace was plain awesome. This is only the first round of dim sum that we ordered!!! There were a total of 3 -.- can you imagine how fat I am now?


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