Pique Nique

After all the hooha I made returning from my previous visit to Antoinette, my mum finally decided to bring me there hurrah!!! Until my sister went to get her braces tightened. So duh, cancelled once again *rolls on the floor with foam spilling outta my mouth*. We decided to have lunch at Crystal Jade Palace located at the fourth level in Takashimaya. Of course the post for that would probably come a gazillion years later, cause the focus of this post is none other than Chef Pang’s Pique Nique.

Pique Nique’s a wonderfully decorated bistro/cafe/blah (my limited vocabulary prevents me from accurately define it!) that has a garden-like rustic interior, with brick walls, wooden furniture, and bucket-ish cutlery holders. Being relatively anal about ambience, the decor really appealed to my inner child, and I secretly went “wheeeeeeee~” LOL.

Seeing the press Pique Nique’s been getting lately, especially on their whoopie pies, I was just uber excited to sink my teeth into one of those cookie/cake/sandwich thingies!

Though I do have a separate stomach for desserts, that section was feeling rather inept today due to the absolutely huge lunch we had. And so I was only able to order a few of the many desserts they offered 😦 we had 3 whoopie pies, of which blur sotong me forgot to take photos of, their Hot Iron Waffles with Maple Syrup, Chocolate Brownie, carrot cake cupcake and Lemon Meringue  cupcake.  Sadly I’ve also forgotten the flavours of the whoopie pies tried, so I’m not able to give an accurate review of them! I didn’t get to eat them anyway cause they were pretty much swept off the plate by my sisters and a friend. My attention was mostly stolen by the cupcakes too haha! According to them, the whoopie pies are quite pleasant, with the chocolate one tasting fab and the caramel pecan one just so-so. They preferred macarons still, so I guess whoopie pies ain’t the star of Pique Nique to us!

Lemon Meringue cupcake

Excited by how delicious it looked, I was rather disappointed by its taste. Just cutting it in half for the purposes of phototaking revealed its hard and overly-dense texture. I had to literally squeeze the cupcake to keep it steady while cutting it. The lemon curd located in the middle of the cupcake rekindled some kinda hope in me, thinking maybe they were trying to play with textures? Oh noooooo, that was apparently not what they had in mind cause the lemon curd was nearly as hard as the cake. I felt like I was eating lemon fudge. The meringue was just plain bad. It wasn’t smooth, had an overwhipped texture, and was probably just short of separating. Oh gosh. If there was anything I liked about this cupcake, it’d be the refreshing citrus taste present both in the cake and the meringue. The idea of lemon curd nestling within the cake would have been awesome if it actually tasted good!

Carrot Cake cupcake (whose fancy name eludes me)

This cupcake, ME LIKEY. Unlike some scam carrot cakes, this cupcake was filled with loads of carrots. Like the lemon one it has a crumbly and slightly dense texture, leaning more towards the dry side. However I found this to be rather pleasant. I’d choose slightly dry and crumbly over buttery moistness anytime. Anyway it really isn’t that dry. It comes off as a more natural kinda dryness if that makes sense? The cream cheese frosting was also pretty deli. Honestly I’d never tried cream cheese frosting. I tried making it once, and it just turned out overly sweet, so I pretty much crossed it out of my to-try list. Pique Nique’s frosting however left me craving for more! Cream cheese frostings, here I come!!!!

Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

If there was anything in Pique Nique I’d describe as to-die-for, it’ll be this Chocolate Brownie. Oh hoho this decadent treat is an oozy mess of chocolatey goodness, with hot sloshy chocolate fudge leaking out of every bite. Absolute yum-ness. Recently, I’ve been pretty peeved about restaurants/cafes not serving oozy lava cakes a.k.a. warm chocolate cakes. So I think these people should just make a freaking brownie with chocolate fudge sauce cause it is so much closer to what a warm chocolate cake SHOULD be. The lightly toasted walnuts added a delightful crunch to the vanilla ice cream, giving the dish both taste and texture.

Oh my oh my, after that amazing brownie I was just dying to taste the waffles. Especially since I LOVE waffles. And pancakes. Unfortunately our waffles were forgotten, and it took another 25 minutes to be served. At least the service wasn’t bad and the waitresses were nice, or else I’d probably throw a tantrum like a little girl.

Hot Iron Waffles with Maple Syrup and Ice Cream (Chocolate, 64%)

Don’t they just remind you of an egg resting in a nest?? LOL!! I am pleased to say that our wait for the waffles wasn’t in vain. They. Were. Fantabulous. Lightly dusted with confectioners’ sugar, the waffles themselves were not overly sweet. I could actually taste the waffles themselves! It was crunchy, with and extremely hot, moist and ohmygod fluffy interior. Like wow. The chocolate ice cream was far from ordinary too, being both rich and cocoa-ish. You could clearly taste the chocolate, and not just some fake sweet artificial thing. Yums! My only issue with this dish would be the amount of maple syrup given. Like hello?? I paid for the maple syrup? Oh yes, the dish itself is called Hot Iron Waffles, and with Maple Syrup is an add on. For there to be such little maple syrup was just plain unacceptable to me. So I requested for more. And they gave me this.

 I’m not kidding when I say it’s barely 1/10 filled. So stingy!! It’s just maple syrup for goodness sake! Argh! My sister was like, “don’t they usually serve a small ramekin or cup of maple syrup with your waffles? you mean you had to specially order the syrup?” HAH tell them that! Oh well at least they were willing to give me more maple syrup. Next time I’d probably ask them for the whole friggin’ jar.

On the whole their desserts were quite nice, so I’ll definitely go back to try more of their cakes and sweets. Gosh they have sooooo many cakes that I’ve yet to try! I’ve also heard that their hot dogs were rather good too, so I might give that a shot the next round (:


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