Food Trip 2 – Antoinette

Last Wednesday I took my GP prelims. Urgh horrible. Don’t wana even think about it. I spent a whole 3 days stuck to my chair, prepping for this exam! And what I prepped for didn’t really come out -.- sigh hope it’ll turn out fine šŸ˜¦ but of course, you’d always have to reward yourself after days of hard work yeah?? šŸ˜€ our form of reward was another food trip yippee!!!

This time our main focus was Antoinette, a newĀ patisserieĀ opened by Chef Pang of Canele Patisserie Chocolatier. I’ve been waiting AGES for Antoinette to open at Mandarin Gallery cause it’s much more convenient to get to by public transport! OMG FINALLY. Haha do forgive me for the awful quality of the upcoming photos. Antoinette’s lighting ain’t really camera friendly. At least not noob-camera friendly šŸ˜€

Anyone could see their wide array of entremets and desserts just standing outside of their shop. Yes standing outside. To queue. Haha we queued for about 30 minutes before a table for 4 was offered to us. Here is where I begin to rant. Their service is close to being non-existent. For the whole 30 minutes we were waiting, no one came to serve us. So we just stood there like idiots hmmm. When there was an empty table, my friend went to ask this waitress if we could have that table. She said “it’s not cleaned YET.” Oh yeah huge emphasis on the “yet”. Bad bad attitude tsk tsk tsk. That sorta ruined the entire experience for us. Ah but besides her, the other waiters were rather pleasant.

And just as we got out seats, the last Antoinette cake they had was served to another table. Flabbit. Just our luck. Especially since that was the thing I wanted to try most rawr!

Sesame, Passion, Violet Macarons


Still excited, I went on to order 3 of their macarons and a slice of cake. The macarons weren’t all that impressive, with the only impressionable one being the SesameĀ (they ran out of their Antoinette macaron too pfft). The sesame flavour was really pronounced and I felt that I was eating this awesome sesame chewy bread thingy from Japan. It was rather interesting and unique. The passion and violet were just ordinary for me. Not really special. After the bad experience with that particular waitress, I’m kinda suspecting that these guys either don’t know their stuff or aren’t really bothered with it, cause they didn’t take the effort to inform us to thaw it or do it before serving it. So everything came out rather hard. I’m sure it’d have been a million times better THAWED. So I’d still head to Obolo, Darcis or Jewels for macarons.

The Versailles on the other hand was gorgeous. Made with dark chocolate, it was moist, soft, and not overly sweet thus allowing the chocolate to shine. It was truly an awesome cake! Both taste-wise and price-wise (:

This really pretty dessert was one that I didn’t try! I don’t really like cream, so this was kinda a nono for me. My friends said that it was great though! And boy did it look pretty.

Ā Savoury thick pancakes with Smoked Salmon, Sour Cream and French Butter

Thick Blueberry pancakes with Maple Syrup and Vanilla Creme Chantilly

I was actually pretty full after all the desserts, but I simply couldn’t resist the pancakes. It’s pancakes. Who could resist them?!

So my friend had the savoury one, while I preferred the sweet one. Blueberry pancakes just screamed out at me. I’m fascinated with fruity pancakes cause every restaurant prepare it in a different way, or manage to create a dish that tastes slightly different everywhere. This one, was just bad. Like it didn’t taste bad or anything, but it fell short of my expectations. Cooked within the pancakes, the blueberries were scarce and didn’t stand out. I felt like I was eating a plainĀ blueberry pancake. And while the pancakes didn’t taste bad, actually rather fine, they weren’t “thick” as promised. They came out rather thin. Think McDonald’s hotcakes. Disappointing šŸ˜¦ the savoury pancakes on the other hand were significantly thicker. Wonder why…

But I guess the most disappointing thing of the day was still their service. Which sucked all the way. Oh btw did I mention that I saw Chef Pang?

Anyway we ordered the d’Earl Grey Anoinette or something like that, which was basically their rendition of earl grey. It was surprisingly deli, with a slightly fruity taste that I can’t quite pin down. Their list of contemporary teas is something I’d definitely go back for! They carry teas like Apple Crumble and so many other oh-so-interesting teas! Definitely a must try on my next visit.

Our bill was served in this uber cute and delicate little metal box, which totally complemented the whole European decor and ambience. We spent a beautiful amount of S$60.60 (buy 4D!), which was relatively steep luh huh. But still, it’s worth a visit or two. Or even threes and fours. I’m determined to go back for their Aintoinette!!!!

333A Orchard Road
Mandarin Gallery
6836 9527


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