Yesterday was teacher’s day, and also a school holiday for us kids yipee!!! Haha my dad had to work, so my mum brought my sisters and I to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden in the Botanic Gardens real early in the morning. Haha we were crazy there! Dancing and prancing about like we owned the place xD but it was a wonderful morning, especially cause it was a form of exercising before our heavy lunch!

As the name suggests, Jacob Ballas’ really a place for children. We were kinda bored after 4 hours xD LOL so we left for lunch at Hatched!

Hatched is located at the adjacent road, in Evan’s Lodge. It’s this really small restaurant that sells all day breakfast, with the main ingredient being eggs! I’ve read about it in several foodies’ blogs and thought that it’d be a great place to chillax and lunch at. And so Hatched it was!

What you see there is already 1/3 of the restaurant. Seriously. But it’s the small area, the wooden furniture and orange lighting, that gives Hatched a really homey and cozy farmstay kinda touch. It was pretty nice (:

My family kinda treats me as the Western food ‘guru’ right now, so they went “Nobelle you order!” Order it is! I had my eyes on the Smoked Royale, Oozy Baked Egg, The Egg Plant, Pancake Party, and a few slices of Brioche! I was originally thinking about having some of their freshly squeezed juice, but the smell of coffee was simply overwhelmingly deli, and so a latte it was!

Skinny Latte with an extra shot

Smoked Royale: English Muffin, Norwegian Smoked Salmon, Poached Eggs, Homemade Mash

To me eggs benedict are a must have. Cause I’m not a fan of scrambled eggs, eggs benedict become the benchmark in which the restaurant’s graded against. It’s like, if you can’t poach an egg or make hollandaise, then PFFT, you don’t know eggs! The hollandaise at Hatched was great, just the right amount of creaminess yet not too egg-ish. I used to hate hollandaise because of a bad experience at some restaurant I can’t recall, but the hollandaise here was smack right. Yums! I had a problem with their eggs though. One was done perfect, but the other was basically a hard boiled egg. So I called the waitress and asked her if she could replace that dish cause “the eggs in an eggs benedict are supposed to be poached” I said. She stared at me, then said “oh so how do you want the eggs to be done?” Oh gosh…she doesn’t know how an egg benedict is supposed to be prepared? Hmmm. But we did receive a second plate in the end, with both eggs done just right! (:

The Egg Plant’s basically a ciabatta sandwich filled with some grilled mushrooms, aubergines and zucchinis. Quite an ordinary dish really. Nothing stood out. Which doesn’t mean it’s bad, but that it’s just banal. Ok I’m being evil, nah it’s actually very edible! I would suggest that you stick to the egg dishes though cause those are really much more worth the trip.

Oozy Baked Eggs: Two eggs baked with Bacon, Caramelized Onions, Mushrooms, a thick layer of cheese and some Pesto on top

Oooh and these were some mighty fine eggs! The fillings were done to perfection, with the caramelized onions adding a little sweetness, the cheese and tomatoes giving it some natural saltiness, and just the overall creamy oozy texture of the dish. Yummilicious! Haha I just thought that it might be good if they had fried the bacons prior to baking them, cause it would enhance the flavour of the bacon and also introduce a different texture to the dish. Right now it just tastes like steamed ham xD once again my only glitch was that I’d have preferred the yolks to be slightly wobbly-er? Like set on the outside, but just wetter yet not runny on the inside? Hard boiled was just a tad boring for me haha.

Pancake Party – thick fluffy Pancakes served with your choice of Caramelized Apples or Bananas, Maple Syrup and Sabayon Cream

Between this and the eggs benedict, I can’t make up my mind on which is better. The pancakes were really thick, easily 2-3 times the size of McDonald’s hotcakes, yet was even lighter in texture! It was sooooooooo fluffy and soft!

I was initially rather skeptical about them because the description said “thick pancakes”. I never liked thick pancakes like French blinis cause I find them too dense for my palate. Eating just half of Wild Honey’s pancakes killed my appetite for anything else. It was just too thick and chewy and dense. This on the other hand…it’s so fluffy I’m gona die!!! LOL! It’s definitely hands down the best pancakes I’ve ever had in my (coming) 18 years of life.

I don’t have a picture of the simple two slices of Brioche, but I would tell you that they were toasted to perfection and absolutely deli.

My sisters were still hungry even after all these wonderful food, so we ordered The Designer and their Chocolate Fondant. The Designer’s basically an omelette, in which you get to pick 3 or more fillings. It’s served atop a slice of toast and some of their mash. We chose mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and cheese as the fillings. Simple, but elegant. I was dead full by then so I didn’t really eat much of it, but the bit that I tried was nice (: something to order if simplicity is your style!

Sadly no matter how full I am, I can never resist dessert. That’s why I’m FAAAAAAAT.

Chocolate Fondant

Their Chocolate Fondant though, was a major disappointment. After waiting for a whole 15 minutes, our dessert was served on a plate, with just three spoons. Unappealing to the eyes. And even less to the mouth. I mean you can tell just at the first sight that it isn’t really hot.

I was in for further disappointment when I dug into the cake. It was fudge-less. That little amount of fudge in the spoon right there sums up the total amount of liquid in that dessert. Utterly disappointing. Taste wise, the cake tasted rather good. But then again taste is never really the big issue cause almost no one’s chocolate fondant/lava cake tastes bad! What makes it stand out is the amount of liquid chocolate, the joy of seeing it flow out of the cake, and how hot the dessert is as compared to the ice cream it’s usually served with. This, was plain urgh.

No matter how yucky the dessert is though, it didn’t spoil my impression of Hatched. Their food is great, and that’s what’s important for a restaurant whose desserts aren’t the crux. The eggy food is good, and that’s all that matters.

My sister just asked me if we could visit Hatched again tomorrow -.-


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