Squid Ink Pasta and Garlic and Cheese Tortellini

I’ve fallen head over heels in love. With ION’s supermarket WHOO!

It’s soooo amazing in there cause they’ve got all these European brands that I can’t find in average supermarkets! OMG AND THEY CARRY FRIGGIN’ CHOBANI YOGURT! Which I have been looking for since like forever? Therefore the discovery of this supermarket just totally made my day ūüėÄ I ended up shopping around in there for about 1 hour haha! And – once again – thanks to Chef Igor’s amazing dinner, I was suddenly very inspired to cook some raviolis in a squash/pumpkin puree. How coincidental was it that I would find some squid ink pasta and garlic and cheese tortellini in ION’s supermarket? Of course, the fact that I just realised I could get these pasta from nearby Cold Storages are entirely irrelevant.

After Chef Igor, I was just super in love with these wrapped pastas! So I was like, MUMMY I’M COOKING THAT WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. No of course it didn’t go like that. It was more like a “oh pretty please pretty please let me cook that??” LOL. And of course my awesome mummy agreed!

So the menu for that night was Squid Ink Pasta and Garlic and Cheese Tortellini.

Seafood Squid Ink Pasta with Pink Pesto 

About a month back, we visited this super cool organic European grocery store at the Bukit Timah area, near Pepperoni’s Pizzeria. The stuff sold there were absolutely amazing, both in quality and quantity. There were soooo many kinds of olive oil, handmade pastas, pasta sauces, ¬†vinegars and ohmygod the choices are practically ENDLESS. Ok not really. So while I was busy¬†ogling¬†and ¬†drooling like an idiot, my mum picked up this interesting Pink Pesto sauce! Then she chucked it in our cupboard and forgot all about it till today. Haha she was afraid it would expire soon, so I was politely asked to use that sauce instead of making my own. Hurmph. And here comes the big J Lo i.e. the big but LOL. Ahem. The sauce was fantabulous! It gave the sauce a slightly sour taste, and was a great contrast to the natural sweetness of the scallops and prawns. It gave the pasta just the zing it needed (:

Garlic and Cheese Tortellini with Pumpkin Puree

My younger sister ain’t that obsessed with cheese. In fact she kinda hates it. So I made some pumpkin puree to go with it. My first pumpkin-puree-ish was a failed attempt, and I was determined to get it right this time round! And I sorta did! The recipe (which I will hunt for then post up) called for some nutmeg. But clumsy-ol’-me accidentally dumped a whole lot in. I ended up with something more like a spiced pumpkin puree. Haha everyone loved it though! That’s probably cause the previous attempt was almost inedible xD one day ONE DAY, I’m gona master cooking this vegetable!

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