Food Trip 1 – Marmalade Pantry, Jewels Artisan Chocolate Revisited, Wild Honey Revisited

If you paid attention to the dates of the previous three posts, you’d have realised that they’re all posted today tadah! Haha I’d been previously mugging my ass off for my General Paper prelims, so I had no time for this. The September 1 week break’s just begun, so I’m totally determined to spam posts and updates today, then start mugging 24/7 from tomorrow!

Haha about three weeks back we had a half-day off on Friday to celebrate National Day. So my friends and I decided that…it was time for a foooood triiiiip!!! 😀 whoo whoo excited! Especially since ALL of them like desserts! Haha that means I can tick a few places off my to-try list! One of us wanted to introduce this Hainanese-Western restaurant at Orchard, so that was the first stop.

Somehow I got a little suspicious that day, thinking that I might have eaten at that restaurant before cause I’ve tried quite a few western restaurants at Orchard. Bingo. The ‘new’ restaurant turned out to be Shashilik, a western restaurant that I’ve been eating at since young. Like seriously! Haha my parents started eating there when they were dating, and that was like 25 years ago?! LOL it was a total lmao moment! 😀 sadly, stupid me forgot to bring my camera out that day, so I had no choice but to rely on my lousy pok phone camera and my friend’s iPhone. Ahahahaha thus I have no photos of the food at Shashilik’s to share xD but seeing that I’ve been eating there for nearly 18 years, I can totally vouch for the food there! My faves are the Baked Fish (with cheese) and the Shashilik Chicken which is served on a hot plate. My friends and relatives love their beef though! I’ve heard that it’s really tender and moist and just plain deli. Don’t try their set lunches though. In my opinion the set lunches totally ruin their reputation, cause the beef’s this really thin flap of meat, and the dessert’s just plain stingy. Cocktail fruits: like seriously?! Haha but the set lunch was dead cheap for one that has beef though! It added up to $15 after all the taxes (:

The next stop was: Marmalade Pantry. Oooooh heard lotsa nice things about that place so I brought my friends there to try try! I wanted to try soooo many things like their awesome cakes and tarts and pies but we were going to many places so we had to order lesser stuff omg so sad LOL 😦 haha we finally settled for the Pumpkin Creme Brulee with Chocolate-Banana Popsicles. Here are some iPhone pictures for you!

The creme brulee was awwwweeeesoooome! The crunch of the caramelised sugar was literally audible, and the creme brulee was a pretty shade of orange cause of the pumpkin. The pumpkin taste was quite pronounced, so I really did get that ooh-this-is-unique kinda feel. The popsicle is basically just frozen bananas covered in chocolate and nuts. I’m not really a banana nor a popsicle person, so that wasn’t a hit for me haha. I would have liked some berries xD

Next on the list was Jewels Artisan Chocolates. After my last trip there, I was dying to return and try the other inventive flavours of theirs! Not to mention, my friends are macaron lovers too! 😀 so we made our way to Orchard Central, 75% full and agreeing on ordering only the macarons. We ended up ordering one of each flavour of macarons, their lava cake and a slice of chocolate cake. FAAAAAAAAAAAT. Haha I ended up taking the photos with my phone cause I couldn’t resist snapping some shots!

Macarons taken with my phone wheee!!!

I don’t know how to describe them one by one, so I’ll just state the various flavours they carry and let you match the flavours to the colours 😀 we had the Simply Dark , Passionfruit (filled with passion fruit conserve and almond cream), Butterfly Pea Bloom (filled with kaya and pandan almond cream), Butterscotch (filled with caramel), Green Tea, Black Palm Island Salt (filled with salted egg and almond cream), Raspberry (filled with raspberry conserve and rose almond cream), and Brun. The two identical pink macarons are of the Korean Black Garlic flavour which I didn’t try! Haha I was kinda freaked out about having garlic in a macaron xD

“They are heavenly” would be an understatement. LOVED THEM OMG ❤ haha as mentioned before, I like how their macaron shells are slightly crunchy, while their fillings are not too mushy and creamy, instead being more gel-like and jam-ish. So with every mouthful I get a bomb of flavours and textures. The Butterfly Pea Bloom and Black Palm Island Salt were the two that left the greatest impression on me because of the unique flavours. I love kaya, and to include kaya in the macaron gave it a distinct Singaporean flair. The idea of putting salted egg in a macaron is so unheard of, yet the boldness is what makes it really appealing. The matching of the salted egg and the sweet almond cream was just mmmmm (: haha that’s not to say that the other flavours aren’t nice!! I loved them all. Well almost. I didn’t like the Butterscotch cause I think they used salted caramel. Which sadly I’m not a fan of heh!

Chocolate Gateau

The cake looked really great, but unfortunately didn’t taste as good. At least to me. They used dark chocolate, which I really appreciated, so it was not that sweet. What I didn’t like was the texture of the cake, which was slightly dry. Moreover the chocolate ganache was pretty fudgy and chewy, as if it’d just been taken out of the freezer. And that was how hard it was after sitting on the table for about 15 minutes. Hmmm…it wasn’t bad though! I liked the use of dark chocolate in this cake. It’s just not one of my fave desserts there (:

Their lava cake, though, was of a totally different level.

Dark Chocolate Lava Cake with Vanilla Sauce, Raspberry and Blueberry Sauce, and White Chocolate Sorbet

First, the sauces were good. The flavours were great and were good complements to the lava cake. I would have liked for the berry sauce to be hotter though, it came at room temperature haha. When I was chosing the flavour for the ice cream, I was instantly attracted to the Blood Orange Sorbet and White Chocolate Sorbet. Both were flavours that seemed really experimental and bold to me. It would be either a hit or a miss. I went with the latter because I was really curious as to how the texture would turn out to be! I really don’t like white chocolate cause I think its too dense and sweet. So to make a sorbet out of it was just mindblowing! And ohmy mindblowing it was. It was amazingly light, not too sweet, yet had correct balance of density. We all loved it! Haha last but not least, the cake.

It was hot, fudgy, and the chocolate FLOWED out of the cake when I cut it in half! Omg I would have licked the plate clean if my friends weren’t around >.< haha as such I tried to salvage every last drop of chocolate! Like their Chocolate Gateau, dark chocolate was used here so it wasn’t overly sweet. I can’t describe how heavenly this is!!! After being disappointed by quite a few lava cakes I’ve had recently, this was a welcomed treat.

The last stop of the day was Wild Honey. The girls wanted something savoury after a whole afternoon of desserts! We were dead full by then though, so we shared two sets between the three of us (: I recommended the Tunisian (a sizzling pan of red pepper, onion and tomato concise (stew) studded with sliced chorizo sausage and crowned with two fried eggs) and my friend ordered the Basque (scrambled eggs with melted red peppers and onions served with prosciutto and toasted brioche) Haha we were too tired by now to take any photos! The Tunisian’s by far my favourite. I’d talk more about it in the upcoming post on my first visit to Wild Honey! (: the Basque was great too! Haha it’s just that I’m not a fan of scrambled eggs, so the Tunisian’s my preference.

And that concluded the first food trip of the year!

Marmalade Pantry
Orchard Ion
2 Orchard Turn
Singapore 238801

Jewels Artisan Chocolate
Orchard Central

Wild Honey
Mandarin Gallery
Orchard Road


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