A prelude to my next post: Chef Igor Macchia at DOMVS

So awhile back, I bought my first ever food magazine! *trembles with laughter* it was Appetite. I simply could NOT resist those bien cuite (hee eager to show off my recently acquired french vocab!) looking baguettes on the cover page of that issue. Thus viola! I landed myself a year’s subscription of Appetite magazine 😀 ahh god knows I should be studying Literature or Linguistics right now cause ohmygodmyAsarecoming!  The horror…

Anyway! I caught this advert for Chef Igor Macchia, an Italian Michelin star chef who was going to be cooking at DOMVS for a week! NOT TO BE MISSED. So I went ahead to make reservations for my dearest family of 6 (:

We landed ourselves in this simplistically designed restaurant which basically screamed ‘MONEY’. Oh well we were prepared anyways. I did my research before coming to this restaurant, and found out that they served a Desgustation Menu of 7/8 courses that cost about 170++++?? We decided that the ala carte menu would suit us better, especially since many of us ain’t really big eaters. Being the most informed ‘foodie’, my parents left the ordering to yours truly (: I wanted to taste as much of Chef Igor’s food as possible, so I ordered all the appetizers except ones with beef in it, all the desserts, and we pretty much covered all the fish, meats and pastas among ourselves.

Oh btw, forgive me for the lousy photos! I’ll be getting a proper camera for my birthday this year! For now I’d just have to bear with this digi haha.

Of course most Italian meals will start off with a break basket, which in this case turned out to be more of a bread bundle. Oh my gosh were they lovely or were they lovely. The ‘bundle’ included multigrain, olive, ciabatta, and one or two more I couldn’t identify. Regardless, they tasted absolutely deli. Spot on. And the butter was sooooo…good…I need my some french butter right now.

Grilled Squid and Fried Prawns with Ginger and Potato Sauce

Lobster Cappuccino 

Fresh Asparagus Salad with Carrot Sauce and Cress

Lobster Carpaccio with Lemon and Tomato Confit

I was a little hesitant about trying the squid and prawns appetizer cause it had ginger in it. Anyone who knows me knows that I ain’t a fan of ginger. Urgh. The lobster carpaccio was a little intimidating too cause it was raw! But surprisingly, it tasted rather light and bland. If felt a little like sashimi 😀

Spaghetti with Pepper and Lamb Sauce

My mum was pretty skeptical about this dish cause it was lamb. She was pretty afraid there’d be this mutton-y taste that would overwhelm the dish. But hola, it turned out marvelous. The lamb was really tender and moist, and did not have any of that strong mutton-y taste. Yet it still retained that distinctly lamb texture and flavour! Mind-blowing.

Homemade Pumpkin Ravioli with Pesto and Amaretti Milk Foam

This is – in my opinion – the BEST pasta of the night. Raviolis are small little things that could be ruined if the pasta was too thick. This, was just perfect. The pasta was thin, the pumpkin puree was sweet yet savoury, and oh gosh the pesto was a wonderful complement to the pumpkin. Did I mention that I absolutely LOVED the plating?

Traditionally served Homemade Agnolotti with Hazelnut Oil with Grana Padano Cheese

An entirely different experience, this agnolotti amazed even the harshest critic in my family – my father. I’d have to admit a large plus-plus goes to this dish because of its presentation! It’s “traditional serving” method introduced a totally new concept to us, making this dish all the more memorable. Taste-wise I liked the pumpkin ravioli better though! I’d have hoped for that dish to come in a slightly larger portion 🙂

Black Seabass with Tomato, Fresh Broad Beans Salad and Fried Carrot Julienne 

Mixed Fish Grilled on a Stone with Lobster Sauce and Gratinated White Asparagus

Honestly both fish dishes can only be described with one word: orgasmic. LOL.

Lamb Marinated in Coffee, Sweet Corn Ragout and Aromatic Cress

This was my main. It was the third time I was eating lamb, and the second time in an italian restaurant, so I was still kinda jittery about ordering and consuming it. Being a Buddhist, beef had never been in my ‘repertoire’. Thus I was just unused to seeing all that pink flesh. The first time I ordered lamb was at Otto, and they served it medium. Just about 50%. I didn’t dare to eat it. So this time I took my dad’s advice and went for a medium-well, approximately 80% done. This looks lesser than 80% though o.o BUT I MANAGED TO EAT IT WHOO! Haha to be fair, the chef did a really good job because it didn’t have that raw, scary feel to it. Even my twins were able to eat it! Way to go chef! 😀

The meat was tender and juicy, and the sweet corn ragout added an additional dimension to the dish. The slight saltiness of the coffee, juxtaposed with the sweetness of the corn, reflected the dish to be extremely well thought-out and composed. It was well balanced, having the cress to neutralize the strong flavours. I would prefer a stronger coffee flavour though, cause it didn’t really scream “COFFEE!” to me. It was more like a “coffee~~” LOL.

One thing I was really upset about though, was that they didn’t inform me that there was veal jus in it. We did highlight our dietary preferences to the waiter, so I was rather upset when I found out that there was veal jus in it! Haha it was kinda funny, seeing as to how I stumbled onto the recipe for this dish by Chef Igor himself while looking for tips on sweet corn ragout. Then I found out about the veal jus. RAWR.

 Chocolate Mousse with Orange Creme Brulee and Fried Spaghetti 

Tonka Beans Flavoured ice-cream with Grue’ and Homemade Cookies

Hazelnut Semifreddo with Apple and Sultana Sauce

Panettone with Mandarin and dried Fruit

Needless to say, the desserts were astounding. Even my dad who has a black hole replacing his spot of a sweet tooth loved the desserts! Whoo! Haha and that’s where it got me started on my next bake! Which I will be posting on tomorrow (: till then! 😀


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