Apple and Almonds Buckwheat Muffins

A few days later, this muffin craze just struck me. I. HAD. TO. MAKE. SOME. MUFFINS!!!!!!

So I took out this book I had and took a look at the ideas presented there. Then it hit me. I’m gonna make me some Apple and Almonds Buckwheat Muffins. The recipe originally called for plain flour, but I thought why not make it healthier by using buckwheat instead? And oh my were they nice or were they nice LOL.

I was originally quite skeptical about the muffins cause I thought they tasted weird when they were just outta the oven. I emo-ed awhile at the thought that I’d failed again…but when I ate one the next day, I had my supercalifragilisticexpialidocious moment. They were absolutely delicious!!!! The buckwheat flour gave it a little nutty feel, while the apples introduced a little crunch in every mouthfull. It was plain boomz.

Hee the dots in the buckwheat flour looks tantalizing xD

This was the first batch of muffins straight out from the ovens. 2 were gone in seconds. Whoosh~

I always have this fear that my stuff would turn out too sweet, so sugar contents are always reduced by 3 or more tablespoons. This round I felt that it tasted a little bland. I would have liked for it to be just a tad sweeter. So I poured some honey syrup over it when it was fresh out of the oven. It tasted just fine (: haha but when I ate cool the next day, I realised that it had just the right amount of sweetness! The heat must have masked the flavours hah! Still, the honey did give it an added dimension that I’ll be sure to recreate the next time round!

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