Kong Bak Dinner!

After the previous pot luck session where we had Kong Bak, my family was just obsessed with it. We had to have more. Thankfully I have an awesome mummy who can cook the best food in the whole wide world! So we had a true blue Kong Bak dinner. If there ever were one LOL.

Having Kong Bak – and JUST Kong Bak – for dinner was a real experience, because my mum, to put it lightly, is really picky about nutrition. To my family, dinner meant a bowl of rice, vegetables, fish, and soup. And you must eat till you can’t swallow another spoonful. So for my mum to agree on having solely Kong Bak for dinner was really unexpected and rare. But also a great cause for hurrah! 😀

My previous experience with Kong Bak taught me to truly appreciate my mum’s cooking skills. Cooking Kong Bak requires a great amount of patience as it needs to be done so in a slow cooker. Experience is also imperative because there’s no hard and fast rule for marinating the meat. No measurements were made at all. I was really amazed at this, cause I figure that I’d most probably ruin the meal if I didn’t have a reliable and accurate recipe to work with. So cheers mummy!

After cooking it in the slow cooker for about 3-4 hours, my mum would take it out, slice it, then dump it back in to cook in the marinade for another hour or so.

By the time my mum calls for dinner, the meat has turned a very deep shade of brown. Haha it was kinda like camouflaged in the marinade! So we each had a bowl of the meat, some sauce, a white bun, and some lettuce. Hands on time!

Absolutely deli. I think that what made this dish so much better when home cooked, is the quality of the meat. If you ordered this in a Chinese restaurant, you’d usually get a fatty and squishy kinda meat. Which taste totally gross. I only eat Kong Bak when my mum or grandma cooks it, because they know the right market to go to, butcher to look for, and always get the leanest meat. I seriously have to get my mum to start taking me to the market with her so that I can start socialising with the butcherx and fishmongers xD


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