Chocolate Cake: The first I’ve ever made!


At least for now.

I’ve been diligently and obediently mugging till 3am per day for the past few weeks! Urgh it was HORRIBLE. I shoved so much economic theories, linguistic theories, and literature content into my head that I’m virtually braindead now. There, it just goes to show that you don’t have to be a vegetable to be braindead. Wait that doesn’t make sense. See what I mean?

To cope with all that bloody stress, I baked a few times during the weekends. And since I won’t be having much time to post during coming weekdays, I shall spam post after post before they all start to pile up!

Ahhh so anyway, two sundays back was my grandma’s birthday! Celebration. So I decided to give a go at a chocolate cake. You wouldn’t believe the sheer number of chocolate cake recipes I copied. It was so hard to decide on which recipe to try out! Finally I decided to make the *That* Chocolate Cake I got from someone’s blog. Oopsie daisies really forgot whose blog that was!

So I made that cake and topped it with a the chocolate ganache recipe used for the macarons previously. I don’t know if I did it right, because though the ganache tasted great, it hardened to the point of being really chewy when taken out of the fridge. That caused the cake to be a little harder to cut, and of course lack that slightly softer and smoother fudgy-ganache feel. I really do wonder how to master ganache, cause the attempts preceding the macarons workshop were outright failures. Probably because I used a mixer and over beat the melted chocolate and heavy cream mixture, I always ended up with some separated crap, where there was this layer of oil surrounding the chocolate. Hmmm…

During my previous attempts to make cakes, I always have a problem with levelling them. I just can’t seem to get even layers, and always end up with some really ugly and lopsided product. Since I own a loaf pan now (HAH!) I decided to try making a rectangular cake, thinking that it might be easier to level and wouldn’t look that horrid even if that failed. My mum said that the final product looked like a log cake -.-

Now I was really happy with the texture of this cake. Like really happy. Cause my first experience with the loaf pan (making that olive oil cake) resulted in a cake that was soft out of the oven, but hard after being in the fridge. Naturally I was kinda afraid that this might happen to this cake too, so I baked it on friday. Just in case it failed and I had to make another xD

Surprisingly the texture turned out really great! It was soft, spongy, yet fudgy at the same time if that were possible! Even after being in the fridge for a day, it still remained really good. Probably even better! So happily I went on to frost it. Four times.

Ah as you can see my frosting skills are practically non-existent. Well it IS my first time frosting a cake! I did it with a butter knife -.- limitations limitations~ tsk tsk tsk after four rounds, I ended up with something like the cake at the bottom. Reeeeeally uneven and uncake-ish. Oh flabbit.

After my mum saw it, she said “you better sprinkle some of that rainbow thingy on it to make it look more like a cake!” My dad was way more honest: “Oh that looks like sh*t.” šŸ˜„

Luckily the person I made it for didn’t feel that way! My grandma pretty much loved it! And so did everyone else (: some feedback was that it was too sweet. I totally agreed, even though I’d reduced half a cuppa sugar from the recipe! (Wonder if these ang mohs really like their cake that sweet?) I myself felt that the texture of the cake was a little crumbly. Yes it was soft, but it broke apart when my grandma was cutting it! Gotta increase the wet ingredients next time round!

How evil of them to get an extra mango cake thinking that I’d fail…

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