(Rosemary with Lavender Glaze) Olive Oil Cake

From today there’ll be an absence of posts for about a week! Exams are starting tomorrow, and I’m reaaaaaaaally stressed out. Have been mugging for the past 4 days. Wait. I should be mugging now. RAWR. Shall just bomb pictures then run back to my books!

So last week I tried this…cake. It was supposed to be Rosemary with Lavender Glaze cake, but I didn’t have rosemaries(??) nor lavender, so I ended just making an olive oil cake. Which turned out to a lil’ sumin’ sumin’ like butter cake, but without the fragrance of butter.


Texture wise: it was great just out from the oven, and after it’s cooled. Really soft and spongy surprisingly! So I thought it’d stay this way, and happily went to put it in the fridge. Just to have it become hard and crumbly the next day -.- hmmm really wonder why that happens and what went wrong…

No time to continue talking though! Gona go back to mugging for Linguistics and Literature tomorrow 😦

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