Buffet Lunch at Swisshotel; and some Food Styling?

My mum’s been planning this for quite some time. It’s like an outing with one of her bestie and her son. She decided to go for a buffet lunch at Swisshotel, cause she ate there a long time back and had a great impression of it. It was supposed to be a buffet with both International and Peranakan food. That sounded pretty awesome to me since I’ve only had international buffet! So I was quite excited to lunch there!

Especially since I had an evil plan up my sleeves heehee…I planned to try plating there! Haha I mean the food’s already there, so why not make use of the opportunity to try styling the foods on my plate? (:

Walking in, I was shocked to see tables and tables full of Chinese food and hardly anything International! Probably just the Japanese counter, salad bar, and the dessert section. Other than that, the food they offered was pretty much more Chinese and Nonya than Peranakan or International. If it weren’t because of my expectations, I would have said that the food wasn’t that awful. Their range of Nonya kuehs and dishes are quite big, and they offered quite some Asian hot and cold desserts which most places don’t! Objectively, the food ain’t all that bad. Too bad I was expecting something else!

Oh and I do have to mention that their Western desserts do taste rather horrid. The cheesecake was melty and soggy; the creme brulee’s texture was really dry and spongy; and they used serving spoons for the fruit crumble and bread pudding. Bad idea. I could hardly cut the desserts properly, much less lift them into my plate! I ended up having to take a larger portion than I could handle, just because the size of the spoon would not allow for a smaller portion. They should have used knifes and forks instead.

I started with the Kueh Pie Ties first because I’d been craving them for the past weeks. My sister calls it the symptoms of pregnancy -.- sudden cravings. LOL. Anyway I failed in styling this! I found that the traditional way of eating it, by filling the cups up as in above, was the best way of presenting the food. The way I did it at first was just urgh, horrible.

Then next came this really ugly looking sashimi. Sigh…originally I was trying to recreate Nobu’s sashimi plating techniques. I realised that this turned out not quite right because of the colour scheme. Nobu uses this technique for their yellowtail sashimi. The colour contrast between the brown of the sauce and the pale-ness of the sashimi then makes the entire plate look really enticing. This orange salmon just doesn’t work that way uh-uh.

By now I was already like “I need my desserts!” But my mum said that sashimi, kueh tie pies and dessert can hardly be filling enough for my lunch. She insisted that I had more. She-who-doesn’t-eat-desserts wouldn’t know how wondrously filling and satisfying dessert can be! I still had to pacify her though. So I went for a little salad, and some fish.

My mum said that the fish was the best plated one, and seemed like it could actually have came from a restaurant. That’s quite bad. Cause the fish doesn’t exactly look that good. If that’s the best I can do I think I’m going to kill myself.

I hastily shoved this fish down because I simply could not wait to try the desserts!! Which didn’t turn out tasting good.


In spite of their taste, I have to admit that the desserts are the ones I had the most fun with! My photography and styling techniques may very well be horrid, but I did enjoy the process (: a lot.

The thing about plating though, is that you’d still have to finish whatever you have on your plate. That was the real challenge. I was so full after all the desserts! And I haven’t even tried them all…therefore I’ll be asking my mum to bring me for another buffet soon. And this time I’ll insists: desserts ONLY.

To make matters worst, that day was the last day of the Buy-3-Get-1-Free Starbucks Frappuccino promotion! Despite being so full that my mum almost had to roll me back home, giving up on this promotion would be an ABSOLUTE waste. Who could resist a cooling cuppa, especially when it’s on promotion?


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