Oreo Chocolate Truffles, Macarons, and some Milk Bread

Besides pizza making, my sister and I’ve been doing a lil’ something for the past week. On Monday and Wednesday, we attended workshops conducted byLeona from Aii. Monday was Oreo Chocolate Truffles! Those were basically made by crushing oreos, mixing it with cream cheese, freezing it, then dipping it in chocolate ganache and rolling it in deco candies (:

These were nice, but I didn’t love them. I felt that the oreos inside were a tad too sweet and dense for my taste. Novia and everyone else who tried them loved this though! It was the opposite for the Macarons that we made during Wednesday’s workshop! Everyone who tried preferred the oreo truffles to the macarons – except me. Is there something wrong with me?? O.O

The macarons workshop was both productive, and non-productive. We learnt how to make chocolate ganaches which was extremely important to me, seeing as how I failed my first attempt, and wasn’t uber successful in my second. The one I made in this workshop though was amazing I thought 😀 it’s just what I thought ganache should be.

My sister’s and mine turned out different though! I think it’s probably because mine froze faster? So mine’s thicker and harder, while Novia’s is more runny. To me, mine was perfect. It’s texture was more like the macarons I had from Obolo (will post about it soon), which are by far the best macarons I’ve ever tasted! Novia preferred her own runny one though! After letting quite a few people try our macarons, the majority preferred Novia’s kind. Apparently its runny-ness made the macaron shells slightly soggier, and thus more chewy. Mine was harder, hence my shells tasted more crunchy, more meringue like. The chewier shells are what they preferred! The only person who shared my sentiments towards the chewiness of the shells and the fillings was my mum. YAY! Finally someone who’s like me! Haha we both preferred thicker and chewier fillings. Slightly crunchier shells were fine by us! And so mummy became my only supporter 😀

However we didn’t get to make the macaron shells 😦 I thought that the workshop would include that, but apparently it doesn’t. We ended up using pre-ordered ones. So essentially, the workshop focused on making chocolate ganaches to fill macarons, and decorating macarons. Sigh…

We used edible sprays and markers to design our macarons. Haha as you can see, mine’s a lot more boring as compared to my sister’s! That’s cause I like the very classic and professional-ish kinda look (my sister’s sniggering), while Novia’s a very cute cartoon-ish kinda person! The only cartoon-ish one I drew was the watermelon one…

…which was sadly crushed by me when I was pressing down the upper shell 😦

Different styles and we produce entirely different kinds of macarons (: soon, I’ll be makin’ them shells meself!

For the rest of the week, I was pretty restless cause I felt like baking, but I didn’t know what to bake! Then we went to Robinsons@Centrepoint. And I got a loaf pan (: which meant…BREAD BAKING! ♥ Peeped into my cupboard and realised I only had the ingredients to bake a simple Milk Bread. So that’s what I did!

It wasn’t successful. Not really. Okay some parts inside were indeed fluffy when it was just outta the oven. But some parts were a little doughy and hard. And the exterior wasn’t exactly crispy, but more like a tad hard. It definitely was NOT as soft, fluffy or anything like what milk bread was supposed to be 😦 oh well. Will not give up!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Oreo Chocolate Truffles, Macarons, and some Milk Bread

  1. whatsaysyou says:

    Wow, they all look yummy. 🙂

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