Father’s Day: Lunch

And…it was Father’s Day (: was too tired last night to post about the lunch and pot luck, so I shall do it now!

Daddy specifically requested like a week ago, for me to cook the Seafood Diavolo I made previously. And so that was definitely in the menu. After brainstorming for a gazillion seconds, this was the menu that I came up with:

  1. Hot and Cold Platter of wintermelon salad and plump pea dumplings
  2. Pork Belly Kong Bak style, served with toasted fresh baguettes
  3. Seafood Diavolo: prawns linguine cooked in roma tomatoes sauce
  4. Apple Tart on puff pastry with caramel sauce and raspberry-chocolate jell-o

I even came up with a faux menu! 😀 haha okay I was bombing some random hopefully fanciful names, but so what? I needed to have some fun!

Teehee! I even decorated the table to make it seem more professional. Oh and I tried to plating and food styling this round! Haha but of course they didn’t look very good xD

So the first dish was really troublesome to prepare, cause I couldn’t find peas! The frozen ones were sold in huge huge packets at NTUC, and the fresh ones were sold out at the wet markets 😦 my mum and I ran round Singapore just to find those peas! Okay that’s a slight exaggeration. We only went to 3 markets. I was so afraid we wouldn’t be able to get them, and that I had to think of a lousier substitute. Luckily I was able to get them yesterday morning! Correction: my MUM managed to get them for me (: thanks mummy! ♥

You know what, I think this may be my favourite dish yet! At least my favourite in terms of what I’ve created! My family absolutely loved this dish. They were quite apprehensive about it initially. My dad was like “what? wanton with watermelons?”, my twins “huh?!”, and Novia “I’m not gona eat that.” Before you think that mummy has my back, noooo, she knew what I was going to cook a few days before. She expressed her doubts then. They also thought that wantons were boring because its something you could get anywhere in Singapore. Little did they know that it wasn’t filled with the usual stuff, but is in fact a more Westernized version of mine…HAH. When they finally tasted it, they were awed. They especially loved the sauce that I came up with. Oh yeah.

The next course was planned because I knew my father loves Kong Bak. Usually it is accompanied by a steamed sweet white bun, like the one cooked for the pot luck. But I wanted to make it special, different, something that’s mine to my dad, so I paired it up with baguettes. I wanted to bake rosemary foccacias and serve them together, but after my milk bread failure…urgh better not.

I thought that making one piece of pork belly would be sufficient to feed our entire family – and I was wrong. After slicing it, I realised that I had cooked only enough to offer each person 2 such mini slices. Rawr. But apparently it worked fine! It was just enough for one baguette. And everyone was happy (: I found the meat slightly salty though, so next time I’ll have to reduce the amount of dark soy sauce used.

Thinking that the Seafood Diavolo would be the best dish, my dad was just itching to get a taste of it. Everyone was like “whoopee”! And so was I.

Till they had their first taste.


Trust me, it was said in unison. My bad. I thought that I’d add a little freshness and kick to it by adding a lil’ chilli flakes. I probably shouldn’t have. They thought that the taste was as lovely as ever, if not for the spiciness, which soon overwhelmed them. My twins jugged down to glasses of iced water. And teared. Oops! *blushes*

Guess I’ll have to step down a notch on the chillies next time round.

I was pretty glad I managed to portion the courses well this time! Everyone was nearly full by now, and just had enough space left for dessert. They were looking forward to it. And so happily I went into the kitchen to begin baking the Apple Tarts. Then I made my first mistake. I took out the jell-o 10 minutes before the tarts were ready. To my absolute horror, they started melting! I was so afraid that it would turn to syrup before my tarts were ready, that I just went ahead to serve them first. But my decision to serve them early was not only based on that. My mum came into the kitchen, and said “Eh why the chef take so long to prepare our dessert huh? You think you in ilLido is it? Fine dining, so can take your own sweet time ah?” I was like “Yah mummy ilLido’s chef no need to come out and eat lunch with you all right? So got time to cook in the kitchen right?” Then she laughed and went out. Tsk tsk! 😀

Anyway when I served the jell-o, it was in a pretty bad shape. I thought it tasted ok though. But my sister didn’t like it cause she found it out of place in the menu. Oh well maybe I shan’t make it the next time round!

The reason I called them raspberry-chocolate jell-o was because I wanted to suspend chocolate bars in them. I decided that the slight bitterness of the dark chocolate would balance out the sweetness of the jell-o. I can tell you that I liked it. Didn’t love it, but liked it. Hehe (:

Thanks to my mini oven, I could only make 5 tarts at once. So I served all of them first before making my own. I made a mistake this time round by pouring too much caramel over the apples. The caramel seeped pass the caramel, onto the aluminum, then under the apple tarts. That caused them to stick terribly.

They got stuck so badly, that my mum had to eat hers straight from the aluminum foil. Sorry mummy 😦 would have to improve that on my next attempt. Taste-wise, it was pretty darn awesome. Ego~ Haha the family loved it, and requested that I made it more often! Hurrah!

Clockwise: table, plump pea dumplings, mummy eating from the foil, seafood diavolo, apple tart, nolene and norine.

On the whole, it was a great lunch that everyone enjoyed. And most importantly, my dad was satisfied and really happy after the lunch! The only thing was that I felt uber tired after it all. Got up at 8, and cooked all the way till 1 when lunch ended. Phew! Best lunch and menu I’ve planned thus far (:

Pot luck coming right up!

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