Homemade Pizza

Before I start on food, I need to rant. I absolutely hate people who use the word Chinese to describe anything Asian. And I do not like it when they cook ‘Chinese’ food that’s not Chinese at all. I saw this recipe for some Chinese noodle soup on Australia’s Masterchef website. For goodness sake, Udon is NOT a Chinese noodle -.- udon’s from Japan. And you call yourself Masterchef. Hurmph. Oh and we don’t cook our basic noodle soups in dark soy sauce coloured soup. RAWR.

There’s a high change that I’ll be posting thrice today! Cause I can’t wait to write an entry about Father’s Day, and I’ve split this post into two because of its initial length! I’ve already had belated posts about my family members’ birthdays and various festivities, so I don’t want repeat that again and risk having today’s excitement drizzle away. Can’t post about it now cause there’ll be pot luck tonight! I need to post about that. It’ll be interesting!

But I think I’ll get fat.

We had a steamboat party with my extended family last night, which lasted from 6.30pm to about 9pm. Holy mama that’s like 2.5 hours of non-stop gobbling! Then today I made a relatively filling lunch (which will be covered later). And in about 2 hours time, I’ll be helping my mum prepare for tonight’s pot luck! Fat fat fat 😦

So anyway. I realised just about a minute ago, that I’ve already posted about my sisters’ birthdays, but I left out my present to them! Oh wait. My other edible present (I brought them to pierce their ears!). I originally planned a four course italian lunch for them. But then they decided that they wanted to go to ilLido for dinner. My mum was like “what? pasta for lunch and pasta for dinner?!” My twins didn’t mind, but my mum did. Ahhh…so I had to change my plans. It was too short a time for me to re-plan another menu, and I couldn’t use the other prepared ones because those were Asian food! The reason I don’t usually – more like never – cook Asian food, is because my mum cooks Chinese food every night. I don’t want my mum to feel as if I’ve ‘stolen’ her place in the kitchen by cooking Asian food, so I’ve stuck to cooking mostly Western (:

Then a brilliant idea struck me. ilLido doesn’t offer pizza…SO I SHALL MAKE PIZZA FOR THEM. Stroke of genius man LOL. Luckily my mum had a friend whose sister is a pro at baking. She even owns a organic italian grocery store. Awesome. So I consulted her on pizza-making! She told me that the best pizza are made with pizza stones as they absorb heat well. By preheating them and placing your pizza on them, you will achieve a crispier dough!

So happily I thought, ah I’ve gotten my recipe and instructions. I don’t need to worry anymore! THEN I had to on my computer and look for other pizza dough recipes. Itchy hands *smack!* I found out that pizza making ain’t so simple. Apparently there’s this EU Copyrighted Pizza Proposal thingy o.o woah. Haha I consulted that and various other pro cooks, and finally chose I recipe. I made the Napoletana Pizza Dough, with three kinds of toppings – tomatoes, parmesan, mozarella, cheddar, and buffalo mozarella; tomatoes, parmesan, mozarella, cheddar, onions and capsicum; and tomatoes, parmesan, mozarella, cheddar, buffalo mozarella, and mushrooms.

The whole experience was great, but kinda tiring cause I had to bake a pizza at a time. My oven’s that small. So I baked one, brought it out, when back in to bake another, brought it out, and ran in to bake the last one. Really rushed. Also, I felt that the dough was too little! I used about 2 cups of flour and managed to make 3 pizzas, of which one could be cut into 6-7 pieces. Next time I’d double it cause everyone didn’t have enough 😦 my mum had to cook a packet of Kimchi Maggie Mee to satisfy our quarter-filled bellies.

I must say that I really loved the pizzas, and so did my family. They may not look good, but they do taste good 😀 haha my family very exaggeratedly said that that was the best pizza they’ve ever had, and that they absolutely loved it!*blushes* Of course I felt that there was still much to be improved. For one, the dough could be slightly more tasty. I raised that up to my my mum’s friends’ sister, and she told me that I’d probably have to preferment it for 24 hours to increase its flavour. I didn’t tell her that I already did that…teehee 😀 so I’m pretty perturbed about what I could do to increase its flavour. Then again, my family said that it tasted great and was not lacking in flavour. Maybe I’m too sensitive? Hmmm who knows!


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