Fajitas and a very Warm Lava Cake

The June Holidays began with me being in a rather mellow mood, because all three of my sisters are going on overseas trips with the schools! Ah all the fun they’ll have…while I’m stuck at home preparing for my upcoming MYEs. The day before my twins left for China, I thought “Bloody hell I should just relax and enjoy myself as well!” Remember that silver lining? I found it: I WOULD COOK. I made a reason to cook, saying that I wanted to do something for the twins before they left for China. Of course the feeling wasn’t one-sided. My sisters really wanted me to cook! Since it was for them, I let them choose the dinner menu. And it turned out to be Fajitas and Molten Chocolate Lava Cake!

My previous fajitas attempt was rather successful, so I wasn’t too worried this round. Rather, I was more intent on cooking a better and more satisfying meal. Then I thought of La Salsa@Dempsey (which I will post on soon) and their amazing fajitas. So I decided that I shall cook three fajita dishes – chicken, prawns and mushrooms – like the ones I tasted there!

Oh and I decided to make my own tomato salsa and guacamole too 😀

I was inspired to make these cause of the delicious ones I had at La Salsa and Chili’s. That explains my smooth guacamole. Most recipes I found made guacamole that was chunky, with bits of jalapenos and avocado lying around. Didn’t find that really appetizing though cause I’m not an avocado fan. The ones I ate appealed to me because the avocado taste wasn’t that strong! So I blended the guacamole ingredients, and got this really tasty and smooth version (: teehee was glad that the family really LOVED both the salsa and the guacamole!

From top-to-bottom clockwise: prawns, chicken, mushrooms fajitas, and the entire table of dishes, dips and spreads!

Well I don’t know how to make sour cream, yet, so I bought light sour cream and grated Parmesan for the toppings. Other than that, I made it all MUAHAHAHAHAHA LOL. As usual my family was very supportive and said that they loved the meal! My dad said it was nice 😀 *silent cheers* the only complain was on the prawns fajitas. The prawns were too hard, and didn’t taste like the marinade at all. So my mum very nicely offered to teach me how to cook prawns to ensure that they don’t turn so hard the next round (:

After this really filling and satisfying meal, everyone began to walk away from the dining table when I shouted “WAIT!” Lotsa stares. “Dessert’s comin’ up!” Lotsa groans. Did I just say they were supportive?

Don’t they look mouthwatering?? LOL ok from the close ups, it’s quite obvious that the surface of these devilish little cakes are quite hard, and not spongy/cake-ish. I suspect that it’s because I floured the molds? Don’t know if it has that side effect! Shall try just plainly greasing the molds the next time to see if it works! Hmmm besides that, the fudge in the center wasn’t steaming hot either! Which bothered me quite a bit. The thing is, at my first attempt of this cake about a week ago, I ended up overcooking the cake. So the inside wasn’t water AT ALL. It was hot though. This round I thought I’d gotten it right since it was wobbly and wet in the middle. But it ain’t hot enough 😦 need to try this more often! Hehe I’ve yet to make a chef of myself!

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