Three Courses…One Phail

This is my very FIRST attempt at a three course meal! *applauds!* haha I was very ambitious and thought that hey, I could definitely manage a three course meal yeah? WRONG. I basically had no sense of time, and just fell flat when it came to my second course. Sigh…

I originally planned for a relatively light lunch, so my three course meal consisted of:

  1.     Kiwi and Dragonfruit Salad
  2.     Butternut Squash Soup with Baguette and Walnut Bread
  3.     Double Chocolate Mousse

Now that I think about it, it might have been sliiiiightly too ambitious considering that this was my first try. Everything was ok, except for the squash soup. According to the recipe, it called for four cups of chicken broth. I didn’t know at that time (yeah FINE I’m a noob!) that ‘cup’ had an actual measurement! Stupidly I went to use my personal cup. Which wasn’t very big….so the pureed ‘soup’ ended up being more pasty than soupish. The taste was there. It was just kinda hard to swallow teehee.

Now the salad doesn’t look so bad does it! Mum said the Kiwi and Dragonfruit combi made it a wee bit sour though, seeing that both fruits weren’t exceptionally sweet. I’d probably change the dressing the next time round to make the salad sweeter on the whole.

Wonderful delicious looking bread eh? That’s how you know it ain’t made by me 😀 I’m too new at this to be able to come up with something that awesome at my first try! The baguette’s from Bread Talk while the Walnut Bread’s from Marche at 313@Somerset.

I was too embarrassed about my pumpkin ‘soup’ so no pictures of that phailed product was captured…now that I think about it, I should have at least taken one picture for a before and after comparison in the future!

So overall I’d really say that I did not bad a job! 😀 just need to get a hand on my measurements the next time hee..

Double Chocolate Mousse
Recipe adapted from Bea’s Duo of tonka bean-flavored chocolate mousse

Dark Chocolate Mousse
4 oz dark chocolate, 70 %
1/8 cup heavy cream
3 tablespoons blond cane sugar
3 egg whites
Pinch of salt

White Chocolate Mousse
4 oz white chocolate
1/8 cup heavy cream
1 tablespoon blond cane sugar
3 egg whites
Pinch of salt

1. Chop the dark chocolate coarsely and place in a bowl. Melt over a pot of simmering water.

2. Heat the cream and pour it into the chocolate in three times, stirring quickly with a rubber spatula. Let the chocolate cool in a large bowl for 5 minutes on the counter top.

3. In the meantime, whisk the eggs firm with a pinch of salt. When they start to form soft peaks, add gradually the sugar, never stopping to beat.

4. Fold carefully the egg whites into the chocolate, making sure to keep the preparation light and not overfold it. You don’t wanna deflate those delicate whites!

5. Divide the mousse between glasses. Repeat the same process for the white chocolate and pipe over. Chill for a few hours before serving. Serve with shaved chocolate or unsweetened cocoa powder.

Now Bea’s chocolate mousse looks waaaaaaay better than mine, and so does all the food she whips up! So if my chocolate mousse was a total turn off, please don’t give up on this recipe just yet. You should totally just give it a try. And you might be pleasantly surprised (:


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