Salmon Onigiri and my Chicken Creation!

Since I made up my mind to lose weight, and to save up, I’ve been experimenting with different lunch box ideas. So far I’ve tried tomato and eggs, and mushroom buritos, sushi sandwiches, and a few others. I forgot whose blog was it that I read about this (I WILL HUNT IT OUT), but it struck me as really interesting! Imagine onigiris being brought to school! Filling and nutritious all at once. You’ve got your carbs, proteins, and fibre. Those little amounts from the seaweed and sesame seeds do count okay!

So anyway, I went ahead by cooking some Japanese rice the night before, and pan frying 2 salmon fillets with butter. Following that, I decided to make 2 kinds of onigiri: one with the salmon wrapped inside the rice i.e. surrounded by it, and the other just being a mixed one with furikake! Was reallllllly excited about it…till I realised an onigiri mold was quintessential    -.- sotong me just had to settle for rolling these ideas into rice balls.

Apparently my mixing skills ain’t so good cause I can see the salmon poking out from the exterior hehe

My only complaints with this round of onigiris were that the rice was too soggy. Followed the instructions on the packet, so I have absolutely no idea why it turned out the way it did! Would have to make some adaptations next time round! 🙂 taste-wise, it was an absolute success!

Next, drum rolls, is a recipe of my own! Haha it was created just reading various recipes and reviews! I present to you: brown sugar and honey glazed chicken breast, stuffed with grated parmesan and mixed veges.

It might not look very appetizing here, because sadly just for my portion (which is this!) the cheese has not melted yet rawr! I have a feeling these chicken breast fillets are too thick. I would have preferred patty-like flat fillets? To fold; or else just thick slabs of chicken so I can slice open its middle to stuff! This was like…halfway here halfway there you know so I couldn’t go far with it. Presentation wise, not that awesome. Taste wise, GREAT. That was the response from ma family (: of course I have to say that they were being extremely lenient to an amateur cook like moi, but I personally felt that it wasn’t bad! I’d probably have to marinate the chicken with the glaze the next time round though to increase its taste. This round I merely slathered it on. Hence it didn’t turn out very flavourful.

Would attempt this a long long while later! Cause I simply have too many other dishes to try TEEHEE.


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