A Fishy Tale

Seriously, this is my FIRST attempt at cooking. The previous cheesecake attempts aren’t counted cause it ain’t involving THE stove. This is the first time I’m cooking for ma dear family! And I’ve chosen to cook this simple dish of: FISH. I’m only calling this post a Fishy Tale ‘cus I have absolutely no idea what to name this dish! It’s basically fish fried (do you call it frying if it’s without oil in my beloved non-stick pan?) and stuffed with caramelized onions and a combination of cheese.

There’s my caramelized onions. Yes I know there are like burnt pieces so it wasn’t great, but hey it’s my first attempt! You gotta admit it ain’t all that bad! I basically cooked this together with the fish, and a cheese combination of grated parmesan, cheddar, a teaspoon of Japanese mayonnaise, a dash of cumin and paprika. Viola!

At least the fish was cooked! Haha and honestly, in my most humble-and-oh-so-objective opinion, it really tasted good! As in it wasn’t disastrous and it could actually pass off as delicious. I’m quoting my mum here so it must be true. At least to a certain extent! Mashed potatoes here were done in quite a rush cause they were all waiting for the food and I was panicking! Time management, girl. It didn’t taste bad, just that there were considerably chewable chunks of potatoes in there which I don’t really prefer. I’m the very puree, smooth, melt-in-your-mouth mashed potatoes kinda person. Shall reattempt the mashed potatoes soon again.

Success. Relative, anyway.


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