Chicken and Roast Pork Rice

And yes, before I can start blogging about our wonderful escapade to Bella’s Pizza,  I have to first complete this post of my mum’s homecooked chicken + roast pork rice!! This is IMPERATIVE. If I have the time to catalogue the places I’ve been to, doesn’t it seem wrong not to do that for my dear mama? Especially since she cooks heavenly? I sense propaganda~

My family’s always been really fussy on the amounts of oil used in our food, so chicken rice was often a no-no or a super hesitant meal. As such, my really talented mother thought that she would cook a non-fat, non-oily chicken rice for us to eat guiltlessly! Awesome!

My mummy started off with making the roast pork first. Now be warned that this post will centralize around the roast pork cause it’s the most successful attempt so far! My mum had been trying to perfect the art of roasting in the past 3 attempts. This is by far the BEST.

Look at how juicy the pork is. You can just see how crisp and roasted it is yeah? The best thing about roasting your own pork, is that it is relatively much healthier! At least for our family that is, considering that we don’t add any oil in the roasting of the pork. I mean the pork has enough oil supply on its own! Not adding oil then, allows for the oil in the pork to be extracted.

The extremely fatless oiless skinless chicken

As you can very well see, the rice is not clumpy or yellowy or sticky!!! That’s cause (look carefully in there!) my mum doesn’t use the expelled chicken oil, skin, and other fatty parts to cook the rice, as is commonly done. Rather, she made use of the chicken bones and some meat to cook the rice. Usually pandan leaves are added for a dash of smell. Don’t know why it wasn’t included this time round…but it was still awesome though!

This then, is the final presentation of my mama’s dinner. Oh the chili’s homemade too BTW.

Just looking at the photos, aren’t you like salivating already?!


I can’t help but return to the roast pork. IT. LOOKS. HEAVENLY. But I’m afraid I’m too groggy and sleepy to comment on it much now, so ciao! Till Bella Pizza!


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