Chili’s @ Tanglin

Trying to start a totally new and random blog that deals with whatever i feel like (or the lack of) blogging about 😀 maybe it’ll be some sort of literary/food/places kinda blog? Hmmm.


Went to Chili’s at Tanglin Mall on Saturday with Huey Yiing. It’s my second time there so, DUH, I expect stuff there to be good. Perhaps going there with an expectation wasn’t that good to start with?

I’ve had a craving for the Nachos for quite some time! On my first visit, my mum introduced their chicken nachos to me and ohmygawd it was awesome. The cheese (mainly parmesan and a little cheddar if i’m not mistaken) was was, for the lack of a better word, really cheesy and hot. Steaming hot. I burnt my tongue at the first bite, which should be but wasn’t a turn off! It was that good. What came as surprising to me was that the nachos was really crisp! It was the total opposite of soggish.

I couldn’t taste if the nachos chips were tasty though cause the flavors were too overwhelming as a whole for me to separate that of the chips! The chicken used was chicken breast. And it was really tender. Fatless of course. Which is what i’m super concerned about. It’ll be sorta weird to have cheese intermeshed with fats ain’t it?

There’s one/two bits of jalapeños (or green chilli as we Chinese call it) on each nacho, so people who don’t take spice might want to take note. Yet that is really one feature that sets the dish apart. The cheese and the chicken is a great combination, but it makes the entire bite a saltish one. The jalapeños add a surprising tang to the dish, giving it a kind of twist. Instead of boring old salt, there’s now a little of sour and sweet. Great combination in my humble opinion.

But i was kinda worried though. I can’t take beef, so i specifically requested they not put the beef mix in there. Apparently there’s this beef mix they place on top of the nachos o.o after my nachos was served, i observed this layer of brownish red mince…don’t know if it was the beef. Didn’t dare to ask.

Problem with second-times is u seem to look for imperfections. Seems to be a less hotter this round. But i discovered something awesome too! The sourcream and tomatoes mix placed on the plate aren’t deco. THEY ARE MEANT TO BE EATEN. And they actually taste great when combined with the nachos! Takeaway for today: nachos + chicken + sour cream + tomatoes = heaven.

HY had the Shrimp Fajitas which was suggested by yours truly too 😀 the fajitas (aka wraps) were nice, not too tough or thin. The chef hit the right spot. It was thick enough to be tasted, and thin enough to complement and not overwhelm the taste of the dish. Slightly warm and not too hot either.

The shrimp on the other hand, were a different matter altogether. Totally hot and dense. The shrimps were properly done, not overcooked/undercooked, and slightly marinated with a terriyaki kinda dressing. Much less sweet and a little saltier though. It came with onions and bell peppers/capsicums. I’m not a very peppers person, but this was irresistible. The peppers and onions were marinated so well that it tasted juicy and extremely soft. You kinda get the melt-in-your-mouth feel. The peppers tasted really sweet! It was a pleasant surprise cause i didn’t dare to try the vegetables last round! I’ll definitely be back for more.

One thing about such fajitas, though, was that due to the wrapping time and stuff, the main dish gets a little cold after a while. That’s probably the only complaint i have against this dish.

All in all it’s a really wonderful and delicious experience. But it’s slightly on the expensive side! This meals cost me 60, not counting the drinks. Atmosphere was wonderful though. A very Americal bar/grill feel. Unique. Portions are slightly larger though. Just imagine an all-rounded American grill – yep that’s Chili’s.


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